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OMG I am Rufus Hound's older clone...

Argumental starts tonight on Dave and I was reading up about it... Rufus Hound, one of it's presenters really has some scary similarities with me...

He likes RUM and NINTENDO for a start... combined it's a perfect combination (although Rum poured in the Wii might not be great).

Old dog... new tricks

There's a cat here somewhere...
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I've bought a Tom Ang book, Digital Photography Masterclass...

It's a little more advanced than my previous books but I'm hoping my photography both with the DSLR and my K850i can come on in leaps and bounds as a result of this book.

Here is a picture I took today of Eve attempting to climb the table leg. I'm pleased even for a happy snap with the K850i it is quite good and really draws your eyes to the claws.

A little bit of history repeating itself.

If you drive down the middle of the road...
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I have been interviewed and asked to give a statement about an accident that I witnessed over 2 years ago! - Thankfully I did take photos at the time...

The Mitsubishi (left) was at fault - she was indecisive about overtaking parked cars and attempted to force her way through. The van (right) had right of way.

Clear cut case, really.

Just as a note - the Mitsubishi had JUST been collected about 5 minutes earlier from the bodyshop after damage repairs.... hmmm.... seems she makes a habit of it then.

HLC Boarded up

HLC Boarded up
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway It really is the end of an era.

Today I had to drive past the HLC... and this was what I saw. Boarded up, abandoned, unloved. The Herringthorpe Leisure Centre, at 35 years old, has reached the end of it's useful life and is now scheduled to be demolished sometime soon.

Experiments in Long Exposure

293:366 - Ride the Wild Wind
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I've been using the wonderfully dynamic wind today and the EOS to create some interesting long exposure pictures...

This picture shown is a 10 second exposure, totally a self portrait (I was in the middle of nowhere and there was probably no-one else around for about half a mile) and was taken using self timer. I had a few false starts and rough ones as well but this one just seemed to work right and I think the rule of thirds is pretty good on this one too!

The Age of Steam

The Age of Steam
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway On my way home from Doncaster, I decided to quickly stop and try out my camera on a couple of local picturesque sites.

As I was at the second one a steam car - yes STEAM CAR drove past me... I was amazed at how fast it was going too.

I upped sticks, jumped in the car, passed the steam car, and the positioned myself ahead of it to capture some photos of it going past, with the hope of capturing a movement picture.

Here is the result... I'm pleased even if some parts of the car are blurry it definitely gives the impression of movement.


Jason on the lights
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Yannic Meyer (thanks Yannic), suggested a crop on this photo of Jason at the CRS gig on Saturday.

I think it really works although I've lightened it up ever so slightly using picnik.

The Reasoning + Combination Head & The Montgom

IMG 3469
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway First proper gig in DSLR land... and what a gig.

A chat with Chris Walkden confirmed that I was using good settings (although the F ratio of my lens doesn't go as low as 2.8 so I had to make do and compensate on the exposure time).

I sneaked round the stage and did a few onstage photos (yes, folks, bands & crew are not permitted to do this, but then I'm hardly likely to sue my own company if I have a Harold Lloyd moment and go arse over tit on the multicore am I now?)

Please please please though... will people NOT use flash? - we have banned flash photography in the auditorium but a few people do not seem to have got the idea.

I like The Reasoning... their music has hooks (which most prog bands seem to forget about), but I do sometimes think they waver across the AOR line which whilst not a bad thing, it's sometimes a dangerous thing to do as you may alienate the CRS members and head into a crowd I once played for who reall…

The Moon...

Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway First light for my ETX / DSLR setup.

A windy night in October, hence an ISO of 800 and a slight blurring (caused by wind shaking the ETX and not mis-focusing).

The camera adaptor was loaded with a 24mm Meade Plossl eyepiece to achieve this. No filters were used.

Jump at the Manor Barn

John Dexter Jones
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Acoustic Jump at the Manor Barn tonight... a ripe opportunity to try out my new DSLR on it's first gig.

I'm really pleased with the results I got but I'm asking general advice - what would YOU do to these photos I've taken?

New Telescope!

279:366 - The Moon
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society has a new telescope - a Takahashi TOA-130. Mounted on the Software Bisque Paramount it's a formidable combination, and last night even darting between the clouds I could see objects I would never have dreamed of finding on that sort of night.

Sadly, the evening was spoilt slightly by someone's snide remarks about me "only rejoining the society because they have a new scope". So 9 years in a band rehearsing most Thursday nights has nothing to do with me not being around for years then?