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Autumn is here

Leafy South Yorkshire
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today I looked out and thought, yes... Autumn is arriving.

It's now getting quite chilly at night and the leaves are turning brown and falling.

Oh yes, my favourite time of year.

FFS O2 - pull your finger out...

Why does Shozu not work with O2 PAYG?

Apparently, they block some outgoing ports, one of which Shozu uses... I will research more, but basically I have a K850i and I have to use a PC or a Pocket PC to send my pictures straight to the web.

Nice. Well thought out.


The Tyketto tour laminate.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I've had a bit of a reminisce today, playing the old Deadline "Mind the Step" CD. It dates from the time when I really enjoyed that particular band before it became "business" and when it was still fun.

I must say that Only You and One Touch both still stand out from the crowd as superb tracks.

I've also gone through my box o'crap from the history of Deadline/COP and have scanned in a load of laminates into my flickr.

Here is a 2004 Tyketto laminate for you all to look at... it's quite a rare one this one!

Why Acer One is not as good as EeePC...

I now have an Acer One to replace the EeePC (although I've been offered the choice of which to keep).

Bigger screen, clearer on Acer One
Larger, much better quality keyboard
More storage space
Faster, Dual Core processor.
19V charge circuit! - yay! - most standard laptop chargers will work with it.

Oh Dear, Asus, what were you thinking with that HORRIBLE linux you put on there?
A real pig to get Ubuntu running on... and even then the install is still broken.
Battery life is dubiously short to say the least.
No case? That's just so skanky!
The Huawei E220 modem takes a lot of getting to work (although a broken USB cable cost me 2 hours!)

I'm torn about which one to keep... secretly I want to like the Acer Aspire One, but deep down I still prefer the EeePC even if the keyboard is awful.


I've just taken Hannah to hospital. Just so you know.

I've also re-connected the link between by Blogger blog and LJ by popular demand... and I thought no-one read this!

More Norway contacts...

It seems the Norwegians absolutely love Crimes of Passion, which sorta makes me proud... I've had a really in-depth chat with a guy on Facebook who loves the album.

Little known facts about the album...

1. Recording started on December 27th 2006 and finished in August 2007... yes it really did take 8 months to record!

2. Tony Mills recorded his own backing vocals, however the ones in
"Fight You On My Own" weren't phrased right so John Mitchell who mixed the album dropped some backing vocals in himself.

3. The bass was all recorded on a Warwick Thumb 5 string and went through a Sansamp Bass and/or Line 6 Bass Pod XT. The bass sound is also modified through a dual compressor pedal to give it that "chunk" (the Warwick Thumb is notorious for being a very woody sounding bass and COP songs demanded a more metallic sound).

4. I don't use a plectrum, AT ALL on this recording, even though some of the bass sounds are quite harsh.

5. Bass wasn't started until Februar…

3 bits of news... and FREE MP3

1. My fookin' laptop is dead. Kaputt. Broken. The keyboard has died and keeps randomly pressing random keys on the top two rows, and the touchpad has gone bonkers. The CD drive has been erratic for a while, oh and the back USB hasn't worked in ages too. Thankfully the EeePC is going strong as it is now my main contact with t'interweb... oh well. Twatcakes springs instantly to mind.

2. I've just started listening through the rough mixes of the new Manning album which I've just finished doing bass stuff for... Bloody hell that's a stonking album - one I would have bought from the CRS sales list - and that's an honour... not just cos I'm on it. Hannah also did some backing vox... she is chuffed to little mintballs too.

3. I've also listened to the COP album again... sadly it's fading on me. I'm beginning to hate some of the songs but I still think Angel is a corker and Breathless and Beautiful is still one of the best tracks on there - Breathless…

The skeletons are racking up in the closet...

Firstly I bought Ocean Colour Scene's album Moseley Shoals last night for 2 quid... bargain!

The last few days have been interesting on the COP front too... what with the break in (ok, so we had an attempted break in too...), then chatting with Steve Ellis (who recorded the album) and then Hannah chatting with Andy in Morrisons (rock n' roll lifestyle).

I thought this would be a very apt bit of video to post alongside an entry about rock bands and skeletons... this was on our network at school many many years ago on the BBC B. Showing my age, I know, but we loved it at the time!

All change

Another major change - the Classic Rock Society has now stopped using the Herringthorpe Leisure Centre for gigs.

The reason is that the HLC has been given it's final date and will close to the public on 5th October, with demolition to commence a few weeks later.

Last nights gig was Magic Pie supported by the Fry Brothers from Magenta. A very worthy final gig.

From Rotherham Advertiser

Band on the Rocks by Michael Upton
A ROCK band's dream tour was in ruins this week after thieves stole guitars and hi-tech equipment worth more than £6,000 in a late-night raid.
The band, called Crimes of Passion, are due to fly to Norway for a headline tour promoting their new album, having just returned from playing to crowds of up to 20,000 across Europe.
But now the band, whose guitarist and bass player live in Rotherham, may have to pull the plug on their trip after the theft from their rehearsal room near the Don Valley Stadium.
Guitarist Andy Lindsay, who lives in Kimberworth, said: "This has left us all high and dry after the great experience of the last two months on tour.
"It's ironic that our equipment has travelled safely all over Europe and it's stolen almost as soon as we get home."
Andy and his bandmates had only returned the gear to the rehearsal room at Amalgam Park, Tinsley Park Road, a few days before it was stolen. It included a hi-tech switchi…

Finished recording the album

I finished the bass on Number Ten last night. It's been an interesting way of working this time round, but I'm sure next time I will be able to do a lot of it on my home setup.

Hannah also recorded some vocals on the album last night - sounded good.

Criminal bastards

Someone has a real go at our front door yesterday and made a fair mess of it. The frame is trashed and the entire thing needs replacing.

I hate criminals.