Up with the faeries...

Hannah has been kidnapped by the Folkie Faeries (otherwise known as James...) and has gone to watch far too much folk music at Cropredy. I don't mind folk... but THAT MUCH folk could be dangerous, especially if taken more than 4 a day and without leaving 3 hours between doses.

I, on the other hand, have continued my song writing. This morning, I rose quite early with more ideas buzzing round my head and totally re-wrote the chorus for Last Summer because the last one was a little too formulaic. Last Summer, however, is pure pop... I won't deny it, but it's a really catchy song with a mildly environmental theme running through parts.

I decided last night that Vision Express Rotherham are now officially crap. First they pissed off Hannah by losing her prescription TWICE, then they sold me a pair of Oakley frames as glasses which promptly chipped, repeatedly. I went down there to complain - the first thing I was told was "they would have to go back to Oakley for inspection"... erm... so how do I drive? - after a few stern words Tony (the manager?) said he would order some in... that was a week ago.

Now the arm has worked loose.

Crock of shite? - probably...

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