Thanks Blogger for freezing my blog... well done chaps :-)

Well it's back again (and Google have apologised to the thousands of people who accidentally got their blogs frozen in the mass outage) and I'm sure it will stay as banal as ever.

Last night I was song writing... a massive 8 tracks to play with here - no expense spared (that'll be loads of bouncing stuff around)... it's a song I've had in my head for ages which wouldn't have fit with COP but certainly works as a solo track. I layered the keys last night and dropped some bass in... I'll be programming drums tonight on the MIDI triggers. I'd love a TD6 but have you seen the price of one?!?!

Meanwhile, Steve (o/ hi Steve) alerted me to the fact that my blog was frozen... thanks to him!

Finally, on the subject of COP... I still haven't signed the release and it's now gone away again for more checking as there appears to be a couple of small problems with some of the wording on it, but nothing too major.

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