Bosworth et al

Bosworth was OK. 2 battles (Tewkesbury, then Bosworth) - Tewkesbury was a poorer turnout because it was at 11am whereas there were plenty on the field for Bosworth at 4pm.

I got hit on the knuckle with an arrow (still smarting now) although that was nothing... someone I know got hit in the knackers! yikes!

The journey home, however, was shite. From about 1 mile south of J27 there was a solid line of traffic and we decided to come off at J27 (Annesley) and cut through Sutton-in-Ashfield.

No hopes. A fire had put paid to that idea, plus I think loads of people had the same idea. Luckily I know the roads round that area pretty well so we cut across through Papplewick and came up the A60 into Mansfield and through to Chesterfield... still made it home in good time.

Today has been crap... I'm feeling generally groggy, not sure why, and I feel like I just want to sleep.

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