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Interview with COP

On a lighter note the band have been interviewed in Fireworks Magazine by Ant and I've posted a transcript below. Buy Fireworks, please, cos it's a dead good read

Sheffield based Crimes Of Passion formed in 2005, and played their first gig at that year's Firefest Pre-show party. With their debut album due for release July 21st, and a European tour with White Lion imminent, Ant Heeks caught up with Vocalist Dale Radcliffe, Drummer Kev Tonge, Guitarist Andy Lindsay, and new Bassist Simon Fearns at their album launch party to get the full story.

How would you describe your sound?

Dale: I'd like to think that it's quite unique, that it's quite a mixture of styles. I'd like to think that we're a mixture of maybe something like Skid Row meets Bullet For My Valentine or Funeral For A Friend. We've all got influences in obviously Maiden, Skid Row, Motley Crue, these are the bands that made us get into heavy metal in the first place, all these sort of bands r…

Crimes of Passion situation update

I've decided to drop my case against Crimes of Passion, but not sign the release either.

That's it really...

Regarding the last post...

Jeff who wrote the review has corrected it and posted an apology...

The correction is very much appreciated - although he didn't need to apologise! - the album cover is very confusing with me having just TWO references on the album, and one of those being as part of a "joke".

Would you like it if this happened?

Reviewers crediting someone else for YOUR WORK?

I don't like it. I wrote the basslines for the first Crimes of Passion album, I spent many hours in the studio recording and editing the basslines, and I am not having someone else given the credit for my hard work. No way.

If you'd like to add your own comments at the bottom of the review, please feel free to do so.

The Tinsley Towers Demolition - Rotherham Side View

Here is my video of the Tinsley Towers being demolished. At the time I posted this, I have had 15,000 views!

How many views?!!!

How many views?!!!
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway My video of the Tinsley Towers is on the front page of Youtube. I am stunned!

Ely Cattleman, Tegwen Roberts, Dead Like Harry @ The Montgom

Last night was a cool night in Wath. A small (50ish) crowd saw Ely Cattleman, Tegwen Roberts and Dead Like Harry perform their own brand of music at the Montgomery Hall and I engineered the event.

Sound was acceptable - although the little Montgom's PA was pushed to it's limit to get anywhere near acceptable volume but clarity then suffered slightly. A vocal heavy mix was the order of the day relying on the backline amps to carry the rest of the gear and it worked (although the guitar levels weren't quite right for the actual gig).

Tegwen Roberts, however, is now performing with The Fates and I must say... I really like it. CRS show anyone?

Bosworth et al

Bosworth was OK. 2 battles (Tewkesbury, then Bosworth) - Tewkesbury was a poorer turnout because it was at 11am whereas there were plenty on the field for Bosworth at 4pm.

I got hit on the knuckle with an arrow (still smarting now) although that was nothing... someone I know got hit in the knackers! yikes!

The journey home, however, was shite. From about 1 mile south of J27 there was a solid line of traffic and we decided to come off at J27 (Annesley) and cut through Sutton-in-Ashfield.

No hopes. A fire had put paid to that idea, plus I think loads of people had the same idea. Luckily I know the roads round that area pretty well so we cut across through Papplewick and came up the A60 into Mansfield and through to Chesterfield... still made it home in good time.

Today has been crap... I'm feeling generally groggy, not sure why, and I feel like I just want to sleep.

New Bass

New Bass
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Here's the headstock of my new NS WAV Bass - get used to it - you'll be seeing it lots in future.

I'm now playing Margaret Montgomery and Antares on it.

Passed my 2391-2


I have just passed my 2391 - 2 Exam for the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (that'll be BS7671).

God I'm happy... difficult doesn't even come into it!

Tinsley cooling towers to fall on 24th August

It's the end of an era and the destruction I remember well from being a small child and asking my dad to drive along the "big bridge" (Tinsley Viaduct)... The Tinsley Cooling Towers which I know and love very much as a landmark in the Don Valley, and which many people around the country know as the sign that they're passing Rotherham on the M1 are to be destroyed.

I will, of course, be watching this spectacle which is forecast to happen in the early hours of the morning of 24th August (a Sunday).

Facebook: Find your friends and get ripped off.

I'm sure there's a lot of very good advertisers on Facebook who have some very credible and classy products... but it seem just lately that my Facebook has been home to adverts from a company who I will call "Shark Loan Company" for the purposes of this blog entry, offering log book loans with an APR of over 430%... so you borrow £1500 over 7 years and you pay almost £5000 back...

Oh dear.

I'm sure Facebook will sort it's act out and get some credible adverts, but at the moment it's just disappointing that we have reached this level.


Why has my computer just developed three lines flashing away down the right hand side of the screen, like the screen drivers have crashed or something...

I'm not even running Windoze here... god I wish I could run AmigaDOS again!

Thunderstorms... I love thunderstorms, me

We've got a belter of a thunderstorm about to go over us - rain has started falling and the sky is bruised and black. I love thunderstorms!

Hopefully, when we get out the other side we won't be too flooded!

If I wanted ultimate hardcore...

I'd buy Alvin and the Chipmunks album...

Why does all this ultimate hardcore shite sound like squeaky voiced chipmunks who've been inhaling too much helium?

Crock o' shite is what I say.

Olympic Update

China have got quite a few Gold medals in the Olympics, apparently. Not that I've actually watched any, but people keep telling me as if I actually give a flying f**k about it.

I wonder if any of these medals is for oppressive regimes? it's something they excel at after all.

Flooding... again!

Flooding... again!
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway This is a couple of weeks old now, but my blog was broken when I originally uploaded it so I thought I'd share it now.

"The African One"

The African One is now called "Festival"... Hannah's lyrics.

Meanwhile, today has been interesting... I've spent the entire day fixing bloody Menvier fire alarm systems. God they're shite! - the ones that the top lid drops down every time you sneeze or cough near them.

Tonight, I still feel a bit Meh, so I'm doing as little as humanly possible, although troughing half a dozen Marks & Spencers tiny mini rolls can't have done me that much good... ooooohhhhh sugar rush.....

A home studio

You know how everyone has a room in their house that is just too damn small to do anything with, so small in our case that we could only just fit a single bed in it if we tried. So small that it just got cluttered with boxes and junk...

Well I cleared it out, sorted the junk, and moved my studio up into it.

Not the highest technology studio ever, but it's a start.

It currently has:
Linux box running Ubuntu 8.10 and Rosegarden
8 Track recording console
Absolute Zero speakers powered from Nad Amp
Creative Sub/Sat speakers (mainly for PC...)
Yamaha DD-65 drum set (on my new snare stand)
Yamaha PSR-330 Keyboard (mainly used for MIDI stuff, the inbuilt sounds are generally nasty).
Bass Sansamp amplifier simulation/compression box.
RODE vocal mic
Various instrument mics
plus a few random other goodies...

It's a start, and I hope to expand on it over the months/years/decades...

Meanwhile on the Manning front, I now have just ONE track to record!... although there may be a week or so off before I go…

May the Gods bless... THE MIGHTY WARWICK!

I've just been listening to "God Made Me Your Angel" in the new studio I've set up (tiny bedroom, front of house, nothing special but it works and keeps the rest of the house tidy)... my Warwick sounds magnificent on that song!

Must be the magic fingers of Steve Ellis and John Mitchell cos it certainly ain't mine.

Anyone got a spare snare stand I can borrow until I get one proper? - I've got a Yamaha DD65 to do some drumsy stuff on but keep knocking it off the chair it's balanced on... oh an while I'm at it I will be ditching the kick pedal that comes with it as soon as I can afford to. It's SHITE!

Oh and China...

Stick your Olympic opening ceremony up your ar*e... why not spend those millions of pounds you're spending on fireworks tackling of your awful poverty and child labour problems and perhaps sorting out your horrific animal cruelty record?

Up with the faeries...

Hannah has been kidnapped by the Folkie Faeries (otherwise known as James...) and has gone to watch far too much folk music at Cropredy. I don't mind folk... but THAT MUCH folk could be dangerous, especially if taken more than 4 a day and without leaving 3 hours between doses.

I, on the other hand, have continued my song writing. This morning, I rose quite early with more ideas buzzing round my head and totally re-wrote the chorus for Last Summer because the last one was a little too formulaic. Last Summer, however, is pure pop... I won't deny it, but it's a really catchy song with a mildly environmental theme running through parts.

I decided last night that Vision Express Rotherham are now officially crap. First they pissed off Hannah by losing her prescription TWICE, then they sold me a pair of Oakley frames as glasses which promptly chipped, repeatedly. I went down there to complain - the first thing I was told was "they would have to go back to Oakley for inspection…

Songwriting in full flow...

To get kicked off I've put down 5 of my old songs onto the new recorder in a stripped down piano type way... namely:

The Magic (a not-so-obvious song about the Magic Roundabout and my years on a motorbike, The Magic is a now destroyed traffic roundabout near Sherburn in Elmet)

Last Summer (written in 2000 as a memory to 1999's total solar eclipse)

Leaden Sky (a good old fashioned love song)

The Bridge (the main riff from this was slowed down and became Deadline's "Losing Myself")

Roger and Out (a song about a flight losing radio contact with the tower and eventually crashing in a thunderstorm)

As you can tell ... I write deep stuff!

Oh did I mention I now have an electronic drum kit? - A Yamaha thang... because if I'm songwriting I need to put a beat in there. Re-learning drums after 10+ years off them has proven weird but it's coming back to me now. I'm not a technical drummer, but I can hold a solid beat when needed... for the most part I'll stick to b…

Why I don't give a sh*t about the Beijing Olympics

Why the hell did someone decide to give Beijing the Olympics? - The Olympic torch stands for unity and freedom across the 5 continents, and the games stand for competition and recognition of the strongest, fastest, best but under the Olympic banner... (which of course we aren't allowed to actually display... or have anything with 5 coloured rings on it bearing any similarity to the Olympic logo) ... oops OOOOO

China on the other hand stands for very few of these... supporting massive sweatshops of low pay and long hours, child labour, and a hundred other things outlawed in European countries at the turn of the last century. We shouldn't be supporting China, rather giving them the cold shoulder until they clean up their act...

...and don't even get me started on their horrendous treatment of animals....

An eventful few weeks musically...

Firstly - a Manning song makes it onto the covermount CD on Classic Rock Magazine. I didn't record or have anything to do with "Lost in Play" but it surely bodes well for the future... and we've had a brilliant response to it.

Then - I open up the 2nd of August issue of Kerrang and read a review of the Crimes of Passion album:

The Problem with most melodic rock is that the men responsible for it look like they've spent more time at the beautician than grinding things out in the studio. Crimes of Passion are a bit different, they look like they've just climbed out of a pit. This is melodic metal from Yorkshire, with nowt taken owt. There's something reassuringly British about this grim-jawed and downbeat approach, and for the most part it works a treat, all vicious guitar runs and searing vocals. Exit Wound and God Made Me Your Angel give you a damn sight more grit to chew on than most so-called pret…

I'm learnding

As Ralph Wiggum would say... I'm learnding. I've found out my Boss Micro BR and am re-learning how to use it because, well, it's a damn good little bit of kit when you have the songwriting bug.

It seems my creative juices were pushed into a narrow little alley by my time within Crimes of Passion and I could only write one sound of song... since I've been working with Guy my songs are becoming more eclectic again and I've just started work on recording "Last Summer", a song I wrote about the Eclipse of '99 whilst in Cornwall.


Thanks Blogger for freezing my blog... well done chaps :-)

Well it's back again (and Google have apologised to the thousands of people who accidentally got their blogs frozen in the mass outage) and I'm sure it will stay as banal as ever.

Last night I was song writing... a massive 8 tracks to play with here - no expense spared (that'll be loads of bouncing stuff around)... it's a song I've had in my head for ages which wouldn't have fit with COP but certainly works as a solo track. I layered the keys last night and dropped some bass in... I'll be programming drums tonight on the MIDI triggers. I'd love a TD6 but have you seen the price of one?!?!

Meanwhile, Steve (o/ hi Steve) alerted me to the fact that my blog was frozen... thanks to him!

Finally, on the subject of COP... I still haven't signed the release and it's now gone away again for more checking as there appears to be a couple of small problems with some of the wording on it, but nothing to…

Mongomery Hall PA

I'm permanently installing the Montgom's PA today (and over the coming weeks) to prevent people who don't know what they are doing tampering with it...

It's only a small PA, but hopefully soon it will be much bigger (they have applied for a grant!)