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Recording Started...

I've started recording on the new Manning album tonight... done pretty well so far too! - got 3 tracks pretty well laid down (not edited though).

Meanwhile, in other news, someone thought it was good to harrass me by phone last night. They got the short end of the stick because I just reported it to the Police. I don't take crap. You probably all know that, and I certainly don't take kindly to people who call me and give me a load of verbal.

It's amazing how good that little ignore/hang up button on a mobile is...

The final night!

A fantastic final day of We Will Rock You. We had an amazing response to the performance and the young people on the stage were amazing.

I'd personally like to say thanks to Josh Mellor, William Ward, Ian Robinson, Mike Cotton and especially Mike Hewlett who have made being in Galileo Figaro's band such a brilliant and memorable experience.

I have certainly picked up my sight reading skills a notch or three and may have to use them more in future (session work anyone?)

In other news - I've been told by RW that some paperwork from COP is in the post to me... I await it's arrival (bearing in mind the album release is 21st July). I've given my copy of the CD to John Mitchell (It Bites) because to be honest... I prefer the version with my pictures on them instead.

I'm not sure what this contract will say but what I can say is a press release was received by the CRS and it appears I've been wiped from history. Nice eh?... I suppose some people don't realise…

We Will Rock You - thoughts...

A blog entry
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer Late at night and the best I can do is sit around making videos on my K850i and talking about We Will Rock You and Beer (Beer good... )

Sorry it's a bit creaky but I am wearing leather trousers and they are creaking on the sofa.


I've been asked by someone via email (who saw COP on tour in Santiago) if they could post the CD cover over to me, I autograph it, and send it back in an SAE...

I know I said I wouldn't, but if they've bothered to track me down it would be rude not to. At least someone acknowledges I am that person whose well fonky bass riffs made it onto the first COP album.

I might not write the most amazing bass riffs in the world but they're bloody solid and certainly drive COP songs along.

Meanwhile, I've decided that since I've got another year of due to a crossover in the dates of the cancellation of the webhosting contract (expired) and the domain contract (I've just personally paid another year) then I will point it here for a year until it expires on 28th August 2009, after all, I've not heard diddly squat from COP since I contacted them asking for a contract referring to the album. I will update as I do get anything, but with less than 10…

Night 3... half way there!

We're on the downward slope to the last performance now and it's starting to get really good now. Everything is gelling and we're working really well as a band now.

Bows rocked, and Bohemian Rhapsody is now fitting together great and sounding more like a proper version.

Let's see what Saturday brings... I may video a song tomorrow though... just for my blog and stuff.

We Will Rock You... so far

191:366 - We are rocked out!
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer First night was OK, we didn't do too bad as a band although we got hopelessly lost in Bows (fast version of We Will Rock You).

Tonight was far better, but we still screwed up in Ogre Battle. I will have to play it for them as it's very much a "feel" song.

I'm knackered now though... but it's been fun so far. Let's see how I feel on Saturday after 2 performances in one day!

Dead tadpoles?

184:366 - A very apt song for the group?
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I've had to get my sight reading back up to speck ready for next week and it has demonstrated one thing to me - like learning to ride a bike, you never forget how to do it... I was reading the entirety of We Will Rock You really well.

As for the title, don't you think they look like dead tadpoles on the page?