Manning first gig report

I bet you're burning to know what my first gig with Manning was like...


I feel really awful saying this but I had more fun last night than I've had in the last 5 years put together. If it's between playing the HLC in front of 150 VERY appreciative people, or the Shepherds Bush Empire in front of 1000 people with the attitude of "meh" the former wins.

I talked Guy round into re-arranging the stage so Kev and me could "throw shapes" (Sorry, Phil that pushed you to the back) and the responses I was getting were along the lines of "Superb gig - really dynamic!" - even Guy was really getting into it and rocking it up!

We played:
The Dream
Therapy: Strange Place
Lost in Play
The View From My Window
Margaret Montgomery
Holy Ireland (all 5 parts!)
Silent Man

(I think that's right... someone whipped my set list!).

Last night was also Strangefish' last gig. Sad.

Jason and me did spend a minute comparing beards towards the end of the night. Mine is definitely the more splendid of the two... don't you agree?


GuyManning said…
plus before Margaret Montgomery, we did The View From My Window

What do you mean .. "EVEN Guy..." ...listen mate, at my age, I could do myself a mischief!!

See you shortly
Kris Hudson-Lee said…
Hey, you were well rocking! Not bad for a giffer :-)

(I am so getting myself in hot water here... what's the saying? if you're in a hole stop digging?)

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