Manning first gig in just 2 days

On 21st June (the Solstice in case you were wondering!) Manning's first gig with the new line-up will take place... We'll be going out as a 5 piece on this gig.

Guy Manning - Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Kev Currie - Guitars
Kris Hudson-Lee - Bass
Phil Wilkes - Keys
Danny Rhodes - Drums

If you're around the Herringthorpe Leisure Centre in Rotherham on 21st, please come and support this charity event (with the proceeds going to NACC).

If you're not, why not consider making a donation to NACC anyway?

... my personal take on it all? - meh. I'm not nervous at all even though it is a totally new line-up for me after 9 years almost working with Andy Lindsay, 6 years with Kev Tonge, and 3 years with Dale Radcliffe in "Promise", then "Deadline", and finally "Crimes of Passion"...

One more thing - I've decided not to autograph any COP CD's unless they were purchased from the CRS.... ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh ....thus making CD's with the original bassist's autograph on like ROCKING HORSE SHITE!

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