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Recording in August

Purple hair!
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I'm going to be recording on the next Manning album in August.

Called simply "Number Ten"

That's as well as an acoustic gig at Wath Beer Festival on the main stage.

... oh and colouring my hair purple last night. Better pics to follow soon...

COP in Norway

I'm guessing Crimes of Passion did well in Norway judging by the number of Facebook friend requests I've been getting from people who have very Norse sounding names - and the fact that my Crimes of Passion group on Facebook is getting very busy.

I'll keep accepting 'em if you keep sending 'em...

I suppose they've actually bothered to read deeper into the credits on the album then.

Phil Mulvaneys Pics

Phil Mulvaneys Pics
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I just thought I'd stick this little montage of Phil Mulvaney's pics from Saturday's CRS gig on here so you could have a look round them.

For the original photoset from which these pictures were "borrowed" please go over to Phil's Photos.


Phil Mulvaney has taken some amazing photos of the Manning gig on Saturday... you really need to look at them... go on... now!

Strange things afoot...

Firstly, we're probably going to be at the Wath Festival as "Acoustic Manning"... could prove very interesting and I'm really looking forward to it!

Not quite sure how we'll manage some of the songs though...

Manning first gig report

173:366 - The Weirdy Beardy Appreciation Society
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I bet you're burning to know what my first gig with Manning was like...


I feel really awful saying this but I had more fun last night than I've had in the last 5 years put together. If it's between playing the HLC in front of 150 VERY appreciative people, or the Shepherds Bush Empire in front of 1000 people with the attitude of "meh" the former wins.

I talked Guy round into re-arranging the stage so Kev and me could "throw shapes" (Sorry, Phil that pushed you to the back) and the responses I was getting were along the lines of "Superb gig - really dynamic!" - even Guy was really getting into it and rocking it up!

We played:
The Dream
Therapy: Strange Place
Lost in Play
The View From My Window
Margaret Montgomery
Holy Ireland (all 5 parts!)
Silent Man

(I think that's right... someone whipped my set list!).

Last night was also Strangefish' last gig…

Pea Curry...

Pea Curry absolutely rocks! - ask Altacoustic for the recipe - it's great, although it's given me bloat such that cattle would be amazed!

Meanwhile, just so you know, I may have news of a medical nature in the near future which may mean a slight change to my life for a while... will keep you in touch. Nothing too serious, and possibly quite amusing to some =o)

What goes around...

I was interested recently to hear that farah trousers are coming back into fashion... an item I remember wearing throughout my 3rd/4th year of Comp being the trousers you had to own.

Well, I must say I like them as work trousers and find them incredibly comfy and strong... even if the polyester material makes your nads a bit sweaty on hot days!

I wonder if they will go up in price though, now they are the in thing again?

Manning first gig in just 2 days

On 21st June (the Solstice in case you were wondering!) Manning's first gig with the new line-up will take place... We'll be going out as a 5 piece on this gig.

Guy Manning - Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Kev Currie - Guitars
Kris Hudson-Lee - Bass
Phil Wilkes - Keys
Danny Rhodes - Drums

If you're around the Herringthorpe Leisure Centre in Rotherham on 21st, please come and support this charity event (with the proceeds going to NACC).

If you're not, why not consider making a donation to NACC anyway?

... my personal take on it all? - meh. I'm not nervous at all even though it is a totally new line-up for me after 9 years almost working with Andy Lindsay, 6 years with Kev Tonge, and 3 years with Dale Radcliffe in "Promise", then "Deadline", and finally "Crimes of Passion"...

One more thing - I've decided not to autograph any COP CD's unless they were purchased from the CRS.... ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh ....thus making CD's with the original bassist…

Ending speculation

I notice that on wikipedia, someone has stated that there is speculation that the relationship between me and the band has broken down, after I didn't appear at the gig on Saturday.

I'd just like to clarify that it HASN'T broken down and we are still on speaking terms.

Just for the record. Thanx.

No Crimes of Passion gig for me.

166:366 - Looking up
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I didn't play the Crimes of Passion gig last night. Reason?

I really don't feel right with COP any more. I'm Manning's bassist now, not Crimes of Passion's.

Instead - I went to the MSAS 30th Birthday party. It was great and I won a cool eyepiece nebula filter for my telescope.

Last night I went out in the garden observing and enjoying the beautiful evening... seeing the Moon, the Ring Nebula, the Dumbell Nebula, M81 and M82.

OK, so I was struggling with a bright sky, but it was very theraputic. I mostly listened to Artificial Paradise by the German band Sylvan.