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Cyprus Sunset

Cyprus Sunset
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I've been playing around uploading video to flickr... here's one of my early efforts, a time lapse sunset from Queens Bay.

I will be trying more stuff soon, but for now I'm pleased with this!

USB 3G modems with Asus EeePC - do this!

I learnt the hard way... if you're using an Asus EeePC and want to get one of the 3G modems from the evil mobile phone network 3, (Three, Drei) - then if you ignore my advice you will have a real faff and will probably go grey prematurely.

The modem you want is made by Huawei, it's white, it's curvaceous, and it has a green "3" logo on top. It will plug and play (sort of), and you will be very pleased with it. It looks a bit "ipod crossed with Nintendo Wii". It works!

The modem you need to avoid is black, looks uber cool and sort of cyber-punk, and it's got green stripes and a green "3" logo in the middle of a circle on top. It says ZTE MF622 on top. I prefer the looks of this one, but sadly it hates EeePC's as much as the Aussies hate losing at sports.

I would like to add that I don't actually like 3, and wouldn't have bought any of their products due to abysmal customer service we have received in the past, but the Huawei modem …

EeePC's rock!

I thought they were a kiddy thing when I saw them... but then read more about them, and guess what... they're not.

Follow this link for some really cool things you can do with it!

BBC iplayer on Wii

I tried the BBC's iplayer on the Wii today. Wow it's pretty impressive!

It only works on UK Wii's though.

Take that, Sony!

Another loop closed!

The loop at the Church was closed up today and the panel booted. Woot!

Remember the story about leather in Church?

I played around with "The Gimp" on my NEW LINUX 8.04 "Hardy Heron" and Simon and me are now standing at the Fairtrade stall with the old guy in the leather trews... I think it's quite funny... although due to camera differences, and major light differences I couldn't quite get the contrast spot on.

Sky... you're not very good, are you?

I've been with Sky since before the days of Sky+ - and I was one of the first to upgrade to Sky+ when it came around.

Sadly, our Sky+ box isn't compatible with their VOD system... oh and no upgrade is possible (I have to pay).

Grrrr... I hate being a loyal customer. I'd move to Virgin tomorrow if it wasn't so bloody expensive to do (I refuse to pay for installation) and BT's TV Package doesn't seem quite right just yet.

Drummers... news?

Been contacted by a drummer...

More later.

Bathroom works

095:366 - Van Helsing?
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer Yesterday, I didn't have Simon, so I went around and did some bits and bobs finishing stuff off. A very productive day!

However, some photos by Heinrock posted on Flickr got me thinking that I quite liked what he'd done... so I got my leathers out, went to a place I know and love (a place with big rocks) and did some really cool self portraits. Why? well I don't know - I just felt like it! See for yourself.

Yesterday was also a day of much change in the house (the other reason for getting out of the way). The bathroom of doom has now been plastered!

Today was a rehearsal with Manning. We auditioned a drummer... but sadly it didn't work out. Anyone looking for a job as a drummer get in touch - we're still looking.

Finally, the shower is now fitted... but not plumbed in. Electrically, it's connected and tested. I'll Part P notify sometime soon.

Motorola S9 headphones... strange artefact?

I have had a pair of Motorola S9 headphones for a while now... but I've recently noticed a strange artefact of the bluetooth signal which I can't explain.

When the signal drops for any reason and the headphones then recover the signal I've noticed that the pitch of the music rises ever so slightly for the next few seconds.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Still no Wii points on the wii points shop...

The wii points shop where you change your nintendo stars into Wii points STILL has no Wii points cards up for grabs.

This is rather shoddy, Nintendo... I know you could say this is something for nothing, but when you then make the something unavailable to the masses it just makes them disgruntled and whinge.

Check out the various forums for whinging about the above subject... Nintendo sort it out now, or stop promising crap like this!

Advent USB Hub on Ameo... not great

Had to buy a USB hub for work today, so I thought I'd try it on the Ameo to see what happened.

2 USB Ports work at once - and the mouse and keyboard both worked through it, but plugging it in disabled the top port on the dock, so I'd say that you gain precisely nothing!

The make is an Advent (small oval blue one from PC World).

I wonder if it's something to do with it being USB2.0 and the Ameo only being able to kick out USB1.1 from it's strange hybrid port?