A strange flatness, but optimism for the future.

I announced a couple of days ago (publicly anyhow) that I was quitting Crimes of Passion.

This is the truth.

The reason for this decision is basically work derived... I have a business which is quite successful, and don't want to lose it all. It's a difficult decision to make, but I think I've made the right one. Months on end of touring is not something I can really do, so rather than hold the band back I thought it would be better to just leave.

I still have my authors and performers rights on the first album.

I've since been asked to join 2 bands, and have had a couple of rehearsals with one band... whilst I won't be playing material I composed (just yet), the new album will probably have some of my basslines on there.

As for the future... well I don't really know. I'm quite happy with the band I've joined (it's a band I've been a fan of for a while) and I expect I could stay around a while...


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