Ameo Big Memory Cards?

In these days of shrinking memory card sizes, it becomes sensible to only buy Micro SD cards. They adapt up to Mini SD and full size SD cards.

A handy pack of adaptors is available from Sandisk when you buy certain Micro SD cards (2 gig and 1 gig as far as I've found so far). Mine came from Staples.

Well I've now tried a Sandisk 8gb Micro SDHC in the Ameo - and it works!... no problems observed so far. The card came from Maplin (actually in stock). It also comes with a really neat little card reader.

Also from Maplin, a KeySonic USB Nano keyboard. Slips nicely into my Ameo "crap" case and works really nice... only real omission - no Windows key! - quite irritating really.

On a more personal note... is it just me who's noticed, or have people generally been driving like dorks today?


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