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Manning - getting there.

Yes - I'm the bassist with Guy Manning now. I suppose it was always destined to be that I would join a prog band...

This has been announced for a few weeks now, but we're in the process of building a band together and it feels nice to be in early again.

A little update

I just thought I'd update you on what's been happening in my geeky little world...

Firstly, I've just returned from a week in Cyprus. A brilliant holiday, and loads of architecture from the Roman and Medieval periods to visit - perfect. The Ameo went with me, and on it's first journey away (long term anyhow), it performed admirably.

It has performed as a superb MP3 player overseas, a pretty good camera (especially because my Canon Ixus went flat on the last day) and a great video player.

Photos are currently being uploaded from the holiday (around 800 of them I reckon).

Last day... first internet access!

The last proper day of the Holiday and the first PROPER internet access all week... how good it feels to have access on a fast, non spyware filled PC. Ah it fills me with so much confidence.

Firstly, the good news - we've had a fantastic week and have visited some amazing places including the Fort, Mosaics and the Tombs of the Kings at Paphos, Hamam baths in Nicosia (as well as a spooky border with Turkish Cyprus and the UN buffer zone), and a Mosque, Salt flats, the Church of St. Lazarus, and the Turkish fort at Larnaka.

The huge lizards running all over the Turkish Fort had to be seen to be believed... they were massive (about 12" long). One running round with a dead chick in it's mouth was enough for me...

The beach at Firemans Bay is brilliant - tiny, and the cove is only about 200m wide, but the sand is golden (if rather coarse), and the sea bottom is soft and easy to walk on... the sea is warm too!.

All in all a brilliant holiday.

Sadly, though, today was marred by the f…

Voyager Cafe, Manchester Airport Definite THUMBS DOWN

Sadly we didn't eat in Manchester Airport... well we did get food... but I'm afraid 6 quid for a skanky little "Veggie Breakfast", with no love put into the serving is not what I'm buying.

Manchester Airport terminal 3... dissapointing to say the least.

At least Gatwick has some choice even if it is overpriced.

The 11th Commandment : Thou Shalt Not Wear Leather Jeans in Church...

Yes. Really... this 60-somethings guy is wearing Leather Jeans... credit to him for breaking the "thou shalt wear grey trousers pulled up into your armpits" rule.

Mini Laptop?

078:366 - Laptop... still poorly
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I just thought I'd post this to show how cool it is...

Ameo + Dock + USB Keyboard (Nano Keyboard, Maplin, about £20) + USB Mouse (Tesco £6) + USB Card Reader (came as part of a set from Maplin).

It's VERY usable... all I need now is a small USB Hub. I saw the perfect one the other day in, of all places, B & Q (yes - the DIY Place).

Changing Nintendo Stars to Wii Points

I've found that you can change your Nintendo Stars to Wii Points here..., however I've been checking for a while and they never have any up for grabs.

Ahem... I smell a ripoff.

Happy Pi day

I will shortly be eating Pi Pie... this is Pie with Pi on the top of it, because of course those of you geeky enough will know that today is Pi day. It's the 14th March, or if written in the American date standard it's 3.14 (Pi to 2 decimal places).

For those even geekier, Pi minute was on 3.14 in the year 1592 at 6:54 in the morning... How really sad is that to know that little fact?

Just as a note - I'm trying Pocket Player on my Ameo. I've had a couple of crashes and notice that it's very slow running... however at the same time I've copied all my music files to the SD card (the 8 gig one detailed earlier). Must investigate slowdowns...

Ameo Big Memory Cards?

In these days of shrinking memory card sizes, it becomes sensible to only buy Micro SD cards. They adapt up to Mini SD and full size SD cards.

A handy pack of adaptors is available from Sandisk when you buy certain Micro SD cards (2 gig and 1 gig as far as I've found so far). Mine came from Staples.

Well I've now tried a Sandisk 8gb Micro SDHC in the Ameo - and it works!... no problems observed so far. The card came from Maplin (actually in stock). It also comes with a really neat little card reader.

Also from Maplin, a KeySonic USB Nano keyboard. Slips nicely into my Ameo "crap" case and works really nice... only real omission - no Windows key! - quite irritating really.

On a more personal note... is it just me who's noticed, or have people generally been driving like dorks today?

Pantone Mugs... Rockin'

I love these pantone mugs, however I'm not a great fan of the price (£8.00 each), but they come in 10 colours.

Wish list anyone?

You've probably noticed my title has changed... I have registered as my domain now (and intend to keep it!). The reason for this?

1. I need a domain identity... my own space (rather than part of someone elses space) - what with leaving the band, I need to stay visible on the web for future projects.
2. I need a domain that is my name (again, as in 1)
3. I got it for a quid!

Cool huh?

A strange flatness, but optimism for the future.

I announced a couple of days ago (publicly anyhow) that I was quitting Crimes of Passion.

This is the truth.

The reason for this decision is basically work derived... I have a business which is quite successful, and don't want to lose it all. It's a difficult decision to make, but I think I've made the right one. Months on end of touring is not something I can really do, so rather than hold the band back I thought it would be better to just leave.

I still have my authors and performers rights on the first album.

I've since been asked to join 2 bands, and have had a couple of rehearsals with one band... whilst I won't be playing material I composed (just yet), the new album will probably have some of my basslines on there.

As for the future... well I don't really know. I'm quite happy with the band I've joined (it's a band I've been a fan of for a while) and I expect I could stay around a while...

Four seasons in one day

Sheffield Snow
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer Today has been a very strange day...

Snow this morning, beautiful warm sunshine this afternoon, and now... it's raining really fast.

How English.