Cool Ameo stuff

A cool set of bluetooth speakers, made by a company called linx. They're shaped like a tube with the speakers on each end. I get about 6-8 hours out of a charge (although why they had to make it a generic charger I don't know, I prefer USB charging any day).

Piel Frama cases... I'm very "so so" about these. The case is stunning quality, but there is a flaw which I have addressed "sort of"... the Ameo main unit slides out of the case unless you leave the stylus sticking slighly out to "lock" it into place... also the screen is sometimes obscured by the bottom band on the case. It's still much better than the nasty OEM case which flings the Ameo across the room every time you open it!

A really handy keyboard and touchpad, wireless, and all in one. This is a stunning design, if a little large - but if you regularly use your ameo on a desk, or perhaps use it for presentations using the VGA cable and dock, you should seriously consider this bit of kit. It works a treat!


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