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The mystery Ameo button... better photos with flash... sound on calls

The strange sun on the keyboard, you know, that button that does precisely bugger all... well here's what it's for.

Say you leave your Ameo for 10 minutes and the screen goes blank as the backlight turns off... well you want to re-activate it exactly where you were without pressing anything that might cause changes or launch new tasks...

Yup, that's what it does. And to say I've now had my Ameo since last... August? - didn't take me that long to figure.

Meanwhile, I noticed that close up stuff with the LED flash really overdoes it - the glare is unbearable... well here's what to do - hit the exposure control at the bottom of the screen on the camera to -0.5 or -1 and see the difference!... as for the green glare in the bottom left of all photos, apparently we have to live with that. It's a hardware problem... oh well, it can't be the perfect device, I suppose.

Finally... do people you're calling complain of really stuttery conversations which break …

058:366 Earthquake!

058:366 Earthquake!
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer 00:56ish... the earth shook.

BBC News says it was an earthquake.

The cats are unimpressed.

A medieval meal

The Nevilles and the Stanleys had a medieval style meal today... bit of a trail up there, but as you can see from the photos it was a damn good laugh.

It all started with me being called out to repair a fire alarm call point that had been smashed - thus setting us back about an hour and a half, but we then set off up to a little farm near Brough in Humberside (sorry... East Yorkshire), a little scoot up the M18 and a bit of the M62.

Upon arrival we were issued with various jobs (I smushed peas, Hannah did stuff with stuff)... and we made lots and lots of food.

However, before too long, the merriment started - firstly with Oliver cracking a bottle of Champagne he had "borrowed" from his parents. Seeing him drinking it out of a bottle and us drinking it from various medieval styled cups and mugs was quite amusing.

Various other drinks passed our lips that night, including an interesting Hungarian drink called "Unicum" which tasted quite literally like licking a meadow...…

The road goes ever on and on

I have decided to call it a day as Bassist with Crimes of Passion. The reason being I just can't commit to the intensive tour schedule.

I'm looking for something a lot more lightweight (Prog - definitely) but will probably be seen behind the mixing desk at many COP gigs.

It's sad but it's true

The world is full of scumbags... this morning I had an email through from "Natwest Banking" saying I had to update my account information.

It looked pretty genuine until I read it (I knew it was a scam by the way):

1. Natwest would NEVER use exclamation marks to display urgency - failed on one!!!
2. Natwest would run their emails through A SPEELING CHUCKER
3. and finally... Natwest would not make threats that if you didn't do it immediately your account would be suspended.

Flash Gordon uncut!


ITV4 is, in their infinite wisdom, showing Flash Gordon at a late enough time that it's not cut to hell.

At last we can see Ming fondle the servent girl, the pig faced beasties get shot, the glasses get pulled off the strange robotic people in the scanner room, and of course who can forget Klytus copping for the spikes on the battle table?

Bless 'em.

Charge stuff, Free!

Freeloader Solar Charger
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer This is the second one of these I've had now (the first one was stolen)... it charges it's little internal battery using sunlight from the two solar panels and does a pretty damn good job of it too!

Minor flaws? - yes - the annoyance of having to use an adaptor system to charge the Ameo and various other things when a USB socket would have been easier... oh and be careful on hot days - it does get quite hot to touch if left in the sun! (duh!)

The design is fantastic and pocketable, and the fact you can keep it topped up from USB on your laptop is great too so the solar charging facility isn't the only way of charging it... however I wouldn't rely on the sun to charge it too quickly - you're looking at a couple of days in bright sunlight to get anywhere near full.

Ameo video player

Ameo video player
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer Using the Ameo, charging dock, a VGA cable and an audio cable I've got our Lexsor flat screen TV showing episodes of the Simpsons and various other TV programmes on vtap.

Grrrrrr... Bloody postmen!

My new gadget has arrived... or more to the point, the postman has happily dropped a card through the letterbox saying "we have a parcel for you, but because I couldn't be arsed to knock, I've returned it to the depot".

My services are NOT FREE!

Someone who should know better phoned me last night about fitting them an outside light... they weren't a particularly close friend, but of course I said yes. I then said it would be about £xx.xx + VAT.

Their response... oh I thought you'd do it as a friend.


Yes. Of course, I spend many thousands of pounds qualifying as an electrician, registering and passing a part P (which was many nights revision, and many days practice with various systems), a hell of a lot insuring myself so if my work burns your building down you have a claim.

Yes, of course I do it free... what do you think?

Digital Video Recorder on it's way

I've ordered one of these from Maplin because I quite fancy transferring some of my DVD's and VHS's to .avi, it's a little digital video recorder which takes an SD card (perfect for the Ameo) and should allow me to encode them without going through a PC.

I'll post the results of the video encoding on here when I get the gadget (possibly Tomorrow, but more likely Saturday or Monday).

First 10% of 366of2008

First 10% of 366of2008
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I'm over 10% of the way through 366 days of 2008... around 350 people joined me on the project and it's going well. A few members have dropped out, but still plenty of support!

Great White pictures coming in

Originally uploaded by volcanodancer A few pictures have come into my inbox - taken by Janine (a fan) at Shepherds Bush Empire. See them over on my flickr.

Cool Ameo stuff

A cool set of bluetooth speakers, made by a company called linx. They're shaped like a tube with the speakers on each end. I get about 6-8 hours out of a charge (although why they had to make it a generic charger I don't know, I prefer USB charging any day).

Piel Frama cases... I'm very "so so" about these. The case is stunning quality, but there is a flaw which I have addressed "sort of"... the Ameo main unit slides out of the case unless you leave the stylus sticking slighly out to "lock" it into place... also the screen is sometimes obscured by the bottom band on the case. It's still much better than the nasty OEM case which flings the Ameo across the room every time you open it!

A really handy keyboard and touchpad, wireless, and all in one. This is a stunning design, if a little large - but if you regularly use your ameo on a desk, or perhaps use it for presentations using the VGA cable and dock, you should seriously consider this bit o…

Poorly car, now mended car.

I've had a problem with something rattling at the left hand side of the engine... it turns out it was the cam belt tensioner and the cam belt was literally days away from popping off and happily writing my car off in a fit of £1000 plus bills for a new engine!


It's all better and sounding very quiet now.

Fantastic Tour!

Great White & Crimes of Passion
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer A crowning glory to a superb tour - we finished off at Shepherds Bush Empire playing to a massive crowd after going through a full Southampton Brook, packed Wolverhampton Robin 2, and a fairly good sized crowd in the Newcastle Academy.

Great White were brilliant and so easy to work with... we'll certainly be seeing more of them in future ;-)