The Moon & The Corporation

Birthday Cake
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Started the evening at The Moon where we had drinking and merriment... it was GIMLI's 50th Birthday celebration and Hannah made him this fantastic cake in the shape of a pair of medieval boots (which is what Gimli makes for the rest of us!)

We then went on to Corp and chatted with G... didn't really spend much time in there, but it was fun anyway. My shoulder bloody hurts now though - better take it easy tomorrow - oh and I was shuffling a bit in the car on the way home.

Oh I've been stalked on Flickr by the way - some creepy guy with a welly fetish favourited some of my pictures. I quickly blanked him and removed his comments. Creep. His only photo on his stream showed him as a wierdo... I dread to think!

I've stopped public searches from finding my photos - most of them are hidden anyway but the odd few that aren't are now not findable unless you already know me.


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