The BBC - Why can't we listen with Pocket PC?

The BBC seem to refuse to give out the addresses of the streams to listen to their radio stations, thus not supporting anyone who doesn't run actual "Window$" on a PC... (possily Mac, can't confirm that).

Some wonderful guy over at Beebotron has generated a page which gives us all the links.



Tony Kennick said…
The don't "refuse to give out the addresses" if they did you wouldn't be able to listen to the streams. It is even easier now they publish the "listen in external player" links, you don't even have to go digging in the HTML.
The Apologist said…
Thanks for the Beebotron link - really useful!
Kronalias said…
Glad you like the site!

Cheers, Kronalias (of the Beebotron)

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