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The BBC - Why can't we listen with Pocket PC?

The BBC seem to refuse to give out the addresses of the streams to listen to their radio stations, thus not supporting anyone who doesn't run actual "Window$" on a PC... (possily Mac, can't confirm that).

Some wonderful guy over at Beebotron has generated a page which gives us all the links.


Camping Trip/Ameo battery solution

You've probably noticed that an Ameo/Advantage X7500 when seriously hammered (photography, mp3 listening, watching video, web browsing) can be drained full to flat in little more than 5 hours. Clearly it's not always possible to have a second battery, but here's a cool emergency solution (pictured).

Take a cheap rechargeable burglar alarm battery, take an in car USB charger, remove the end cap and pull the spring under the +ve terminal, then slot the side -ve tabs onto the other -ve terminal.

Note that the USB charger should have an output of at least 800mA otherwise your Ameo won't actually charge.

A 3.2Ah battery (pictured) is good for around 2 full charges from empty, whilst a big 7.2Ah battery will get you about 5 charges. Twin this with a Maplin solar trickle charger and you have a ready source of power for charging the Ameo on a long trip.

I passed!

021:366 - I passed!
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I sat my C&G 2391 last October...

I passed!

Yay for Blue Lagoon with cherries on top!

Flooding again... sockets off.

Aldwarke Bridge
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer We've had flooding again.

Kilnhurst Road is flooded, as is Aldwarke Road, as is the main road through Swinton...

Today is cancelled.

Got home to the delight that the electricity has gone off to the downstairs sockets. Junction boxes are sat in water underneath the floorboards so the only thing to be said for that is bollocks.

Is this the ultimate web terminal?

Is this the ultimate web terminal?
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer T-mobile Ameo with connectivity base, connected to a USB Logitech mouse and a Nokia Bluetooth keyboard.

It works brilliantly and the Ameo is a superb web tool that fits in your pocket.

The Moon & The Corporation

Birthday Cake
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer Started the evening at The Moon where we had drinking and merriment... it was GIMLI's 50th Birthday celebration and Hannah made him this fantastic cake in the shape of a pair of medieval boots (which is what Gimli makes for the rest of us!)

We then went on to Corp and chatted with G... didn't really spend much time in there, but it was fun anyway. My shoulder bloody hurts now though - better take it easy tomorrow - oh and I was shuffling a bit in the car on the way home.

Oh I've been stalked on Flickr by the way - some creepy guy with a welly fetish favourited some of my pictures. I quickly blanked him and removed his comments. Creep. His only photo on his stream showed him as a wierdo... I dread to think!

I've stopped public searches from finding my photos - most of them are hidden anyway but the odd few that aren't are now not findable unless you already know me.

So the Flickr group goes well...

018:366 - On top of the world
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer The flickr group I started, 366 Days (Self Portraits) is going really well... there are now over 300 members and we're through 3000 photos. Whilst these sort of groups aren't exactly new, I started one on 1st January 2008 because I wanted to have a fixed start place and a fixed end place.

If you're feeling up to joining us in the group I'd suggest you get over there now because it closes to new members in just 12 days...

Ameo... the perfect convergence device?

I was talking today about convergence of devices and of course my brick of an Ameo (HTC Advantage X7500 for those looking for the generic name for the device)... here's what we came up with:

Loud audio (if a little tinny, it's much louder than my laptop)
8 gig storage drive holds loads of music
Good size screen for viewing videos on - they really do look cinematic
Inbuilt GPS which twinned with Google Maps makes an acceptable navigation tool
Fairly good quality camera although it's poor in low light
Internet works great for a mobile device.
Connectivity is top notch - USB, VGA, WIFI, Bluetooth... but NO infra red? - why!

Size - you look like a dork answering it
Call quality - Even using a bluetooth headset it's still not amazing
OS5.0 / OS6.0 - Which to use - I flashed mine and lost video calling
Battery life isn't amazing if you're hammering the hard drive usage, and charging can be a little slow if you do kill the battery.
Keyboard is iffy - for any serious usa…

No matter how bad I feel, something can always cheer me up

This is stunning... my birthday is 8th May by the way...

USB Humping Dog

I hope they get them back in stock soon.


I fell into an unguarded hole in a cellar and I'm now very sore and nursing cracked ribs and a very sore back... ow!

Gothically Educated

015:366 - Gothically Educated
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer I've seen these... on the honour website, but I'm not sure whether they would be cool, or a bit gay...

Obviously NOT with the very gay shirt... could I carry this off? opinions please.

edit - I would buy a size that wasn't skintight by the way - edit ends.

Do I really want this?

I'm not sure whether I want to tour in a couple of weeks or not... my heart isn't in it.

The tour doesn't seem very good to me - the band aren't that much like us and I'm terrified that we might go down badly because it's in very big venues (a step up from the previous ones we've always played).

LJ - Sorry for flooding...

I've just uploaded a load of old posts to blogger, and it seems to have flooded LJ even though I told it not to.

Sorry for that folks... no really... Sorry!

Linux... problems with my digital camera

My Canon Digital Ixus 70 has decided to ignore Linux, or is it a case that Linux has decided to ignore my Canon Digital Ixus 70?

I'm running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 on a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo, which is otherwise running very nicely thankyouverymuch (Windows? Pah!) and recognising virtually all of my devices. My digital camera worked a treat at first, but now decided that it's had enough of all that and now refuses to be recognised by Ubuntu.

Status: Looking into it

012:366 - I did this

012:366 - I did this
Originally uploaded by volcanodancer IQ onstage at the Montgomery Hall in Wath-upon-Dearne... me at the side of the lighting desk taking a self portrait looking down onto the audience and stage at the Montgom...

It makes me feel all pleased and stuff when a gig goes this well, and being in the knowledge that the telephone system I hastily concocted and tested just 25 minutes before doors opened actually worked a treat (after a little tweaking with gain levels).

More photos on my flickr

Awards Night... how did I do it?

I thought I'd document this important information for next Awards night when we're faced with the problem...

The problem was - how to adapt a mobile phone into a professional mixing console... the mobile phone in question not having any form of usable jack sockets (and the solution requiring possible use with multiple/different phones).

The answer is -

Buy one of these

Connect the speaker to the PA system into an input channel

Cut off the microphone and fit an XLR onto it - fit this into an auxilliary send - keep the send level VERY LOW otherwise it will distort.

Well mixed the sound is good and works very well - and paired with any bluetooth phone for adaptability. I'm sure sound engineers all over the world will be pleased I tried this and it worked.

Oh the rest if Awards Night... it went well - but more in the morning with photos too.

LJ vs Blogger

Sorry... but I prefer Blogger to LJ (for a start, you don't have to pay for loads of features that aren't free on LJ).

From now on my posts will be made on Blogger but LJ is linked in by email.

Importing LJ to Blogger

I'm currently mid-import - unfortunately, Blogger only lets you do 50 entries a day, so you'll slowly see past history appearing on this site.

Social tonight...

A little social for the Rotherhamites (and any Sheffielders out there) - we'll be in The Hind on Bawtry Road from about 6pm tonight if anyone fancies coming out for drinkies... nothing too planned, just er... drinks, nice pub, and socialising. If you can read this you're welcome.


I've just had a Pina Colada/Blue Frog and poleaxed myself on it!


My head has gone all wobbly and I feel like the room is spinning!

It contained about 4 shots of Malibu... oops!

The Lost Room

How good is it?

It's the best story I've seen in ages... can't wait for the last installment tomorrow night...

The "meh" has arrived...

January is here... Meh

Tax Return time... Meh Meh

I had to drive along a road today which I use very often - the B6090 through Ravenfield. There were THREE annoyances on this road...

1: The old giffer who insisted that it was only safe to go 15mph, down the middle of the road, then brake really hard at every bend - yes it was icy, but surely he should understand that it's not speed in light snow that's the most important, it's avoiding sudden manouvers? - why the hell was he even going out in 1" of snow? God I sound like such a tory! Luckily he pulled into Ravenfield village (probably going to a church meeting, or something).

2: The lorry... For gods sake it's a 7.5 tonne limit - why the hell do I keep seeing the same 14 tonne lorry on there going all the way through the 7.5 tonne limit? - that's hardly "access only" is it? going all the way through... why do I see this so much on this little country lane?... I am so going to video this idiot and report …

Happy New Year!

A big Happy New Year to all my friends, colleagues, compadres, cronies, and people I generally know!

This year will be a biggie for me - it's the year the band goes bigger what with deals and stuff and album releases. We're touring sometime soon (and we're playing the Corporation in JUNE just so you know and don't forget).

Last night was really nice - we just had a very low key party at home with curry, dips & chocolate fountain and it was very quiet and low key. We made cocktails, we got merry, and we enjoyed it very much. I hope everyone else out there had similarly good experiences from New Years Eve (knowing what

Meanwhile, I've started probably the biggest project on Flickr ever for me - I started the group and almost 100 people so far have joined me in what could prove to be really cool, or my undoing. It's a 366 days self portrait project and it's here:

If you're a flickrian and fancy giving it a whirl you&…