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Cleaning drains... yuk!

That thunderstorm really tested our drains... to the limit.

It was my sad duty to wrap my arm in rubber glove and bin liner and stick it down, pulling out the many years of detritus that has caused the blockage and associated flooding.

It now drains, and thanks to improvisation (8" flower pot) we now have a good filtration tank which sits on top of the hole and filters out any cack which might end up down there, plus I've put pebbles into the rain gulley to allow water to get through but prevent crap from running through.

Windows Vista...


"No, windows, please turn off that spinning ring thing and actually respond"

5 minutes later...

"Hold in power button for 4 seconds - perform forced reset"


5 minutes later...

"FFS Windows Vista, you bag of shite... Increased task stability my arse... increased startup time my arse... you sack of pretty but pointless crap will you respond?"

Eventually.... it boots...

5 minutes later...

"No please don't load Media Player, I don't want that loading... Why are you loading media player?"

STOP loading media player, why doesn't this little [X] icon work?

"Windows Media Player has stopped responding"... OK, close it.

"Windows Media Player has stopped responding"... OK, close it.

"Windows Media Player has stopped responding"... OK, close it.

"Windows Media Player has stopped responding"... OK, close it.

"Windows is checking for a solution to this problem"... "No Windows, DON'T CHECK F…

Quick.... look at my flickr now!

Oh did I mention you need to be a friend of mine on flickr to actually drafts of our new album artwork.

The album is really taking shape now, and the track listing is still in flux but here it is as we presently have it:

1. Intro (1 min 45 seconds moody intro)
2. Fight You on My Own
3. God Made Me Your Angel
4. The Me I Lost
5. Die Alone
6. Exit Wound
7. Breathless & Beautiful
8. Pretty in Blood
9. Unbreakable
10. Dream of Me

B. Miracle (bonus on Japanese release only)
Still no title, as yet, and we may just call it "Crimes of Passion" and not title it... there's a bit of a story running through the entire thing though, not quite a concept, but close... basically it runs like this:

Dale plays the angel (in the artwork at least), and the rest of the band play various other characters important to the story... I play a dark angel (current thoughts and my preference)... but the angel guards a woman, who he then falls in love with. Since angel/mortal l…