When your car proves just too irrisistable...

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Some chavvy little TWOCing bastard decided in the early hours of this morning that he had more rights to our car than we did.

He slashed the roof, got his thieving little arm inside, unlocked it, climbed in, forced the steering lock and managed to roll the car all of 30ft before being defeated.

He was caught in the act and has been arrested... thanks to a concerned neighbour... and we're now waiting for a police visit to do the details of the crime before we can make an insurance claim.

I'd love to be able to return the favour to him... I think slashing a similar shape into his abdomen and watching his viscera plop out would be quite satisfying at the moment... unfortunately, I can't do that so I'll just have to drown Lara Croft a few times to release some tension.