Towton... no show.

We should have been going to Towton today, but unfortunately [info]altacoustic has a bad back and can't walk too well so we've had to give it a miss.

Meanwhile, I've been looking for cheesy stuff on youtube and have found yet another Indian classic - this time it's a parody on Thriller which appears to take itself very seriously. The link is here. The main character, playing Michael Jackson, seriously can dance very well.

I'm getting used to Vista. It's very pretty (read: Mac) and a lot of the changes do appear to be for the better, however, I'm still disgruntled at what doesn't work with it... and I'm not convinced that Media Player is the thing of the future. It seems that each media player is getting weightier and weightier every time it is updated, including itunes (Apple DRM sucks canal water) and Realplayer...