Biscuit Club is in session

My studio sessions have been renamed Biscuit club after the shop over the road from there started doing 3 packs of biscuits for £1. Currently in the lead for biscuit of the month is Vimto Jammie Dodgers, which are known to redefine deliciousness, as well as revive failing grandparents.

Meanwhile, I think protools has a prejudice against my bass... because of the track order I always seem to end up with my Bass Mic track being coloured what Steve calls Gold, and I just call "Baby's first poo". It's a hideous colour that I think Apple should ban, and Microsoft should just use for Windows Vista (which is also hideous - I tried it for the first time... what were they thinking?)

On the subject of the shoe place I've been working at for ages fitting the analogue addressable fire alarm - the loop is less than 100 metres and 2 devices away from joining. It's like the channel tunnel this thing - I'm sure the cable ends will shake hands or something. To put it in perspective, 12 x 100m rolls of noburn cable have disappeared into this job, running a full loop around a building that is around 120 metres wide and 100 metres deep, but with a rather large yard cutting into it and office block at the front. Now I know why I've got a pile of empty cable drums sat around!

If anyone wants a cable drum, they are good for musicians to wrap long speaker cables up onto - nice plastic type things, no cardboard or wood.