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We have contact!

At last, after 740 metres of cabling, over 500 p-clips, 150 girder flange clips (oo-er) and loads of tie wraps the analogue addressable loop... became a loop.

Thanks to Simon for that one! (Simon isn't on LJ yet, but I know he lurks).

Meanwhile, I think it's time for another secret...

I once had a mullet.

It was bad. Everyone had them. I'm glad no photos exist any more.

I'm really, really sorry.

Biscuit Club is in session

My studio sessions have been renamed Biscuit club after the shop over the road from there started doing 3 packs of biscuits for £1. Currently in the lead for biscuit of the month is Vimto Jammie Dodgers, which are known to redefine deliciousness, as well as revive failing grandparents.

Meanwhile, I think protools has a prejudice against my bass... because of the track order I always seem to end up with my Bass Mic track being coloured what Steve calls Gold, and I just call "Baby's first poo". It's a hideous colour that I think Apple should ban, and Microsoft should just use for Windows Vista (which is also hideous - I tried it for the first time... what were they thinking?)

On the subject of the shoe place I've been working at for ages fitting the analogue addressable fire alarm - the loop is less than 100 metres and 2 devices away from joining. It's like the channel tunnel this thing - I'm sure the cable ends will shake hands or something. To put it in per…

Rest in peace, Henry.

Originally uploaded by ukwarwickdood. Unfortunately, one of my mum's dogs, Henry, passed away today aged 8. He died of heart failure.

Wonderful Fellow - Henry - "Noo Noo"
3rd May 1998 - 26th February 2007

You will be remembered, just for being cute, sweet and perpetually hungry.

Archery... I shot!

Originally uploaded by ukwarwickdood. After many months physiotherapy I shot again for the first time in ages. It felt good picking up a bow again, although I was a little rusty and could only pull to about 75% draw with my shoulders still a little weak.

I'm under orders to build back into it gently, keep increasing the amount I do, and eventually get up to full speed. I shot about 20 arrows and felt like I'd shot 100... my 40lbs bow felt like a 90lbs bow... but it was great and I am now eager to do more archery again this season.

Ah, life is good.

Laptop Stripe...

Any help?

My laptop screen has developed a brightness variation over towards the left hand side. It's brighter, basically, and less contrasty.

Any pointers? Have I squished the screen???? It's not seriously annoying, just minorly tedious.

Anyway, here's another secret...

Nothing very dramatic this time...

I had a childhood crush on Olivia Newton-John... seeing her at the end of Grease in that outfit... grrrrrrr.

I will not Xerox my butt...

(Simpsons - Bart's lines)

Meanwhile, here's a really big secret that will probably make you go oooooooh
I score a 2 on the Kinsey Scale... in simple, plain old fashioned English, I'm not totally heterosexual - but not totally bisexual either... sorta inbetween. I've always kept this a secret, because there's the old how will people respond thingy at the back of my mind.

These days, my attitude has changed. If you don't like me for who and what I am, then I suppose... your call. Feel free to comment - I don't mind at all... I'm screening them.

Now that's a secret!

Meanwhile, in other news, Simon helped me out today at work. He was very good and p clipped about 50 metres of cable. Bearing in mind most sparkies assume 100 metres of cable a day, that's not too bad at all.

Finally, altacoustic today chose her engagement ring replacement. The original ring was bought when we were very poor. We're not quite so poor now, so she's having one with a rub…

The dopeyness of people

A long day at work, in fact a long tiring day at work. I ended up rather knackered today!

I've been in Brigg... strange town. Anyone from there before I call it a little bit inbred?

Anyhoo... funny story of the day... a customer I service the fire alarm for (who have allowed me to post this story but would prefer to remain anonymous) had a problem yesterday morning... it goes like this...

Customer A called me at about 7:45am... their alarm was going off in the background and they couldn't find their key. I talked one of the more practical members of staff through opening up the control panel and disconnecting the battery, and then disconnecting the mains. Now... not too much of a problem... but this is the funny bit.

I found out today that the reason it got set off (as I made a call to sort it) was that a rather dopey delivery driver had gone into the building, not noticed the bell with PLEASE RING FOR ATTENTION above it, and pressed the glass on the manual call point thus breakin…

30 secrets?

Nah, I'm not telling you 30 - I'll have nothing left to keep to myself... so instead:

I have an IQ that puts me in the 99.5th percentile... even though I don't actually ever want to join Mensa or any other fart-arse society for boffins. I don't show it too often though, do I with my rather peurile sense of humour?

Meanwhile... I have this little teaser for you:

Three men go to a hotel and pay £10 each for a night's accomodation. Unfortunately, there has been a mix-up with the price and they have over-paid by £5. The manager can't split £5 equally, so he gives them £1 each and pockets the other £2 himself.

Surely this means they have now paid £9 each for their accomodation - but 3 x 9 is 27, and with the manager's pocket lining of £2... what happened to the missing £1?

Answers on a comment please.

Looking forward

Today I mostly fitted more of an Analogue Addressable fire alarm system. It's nice and very advanced. My former employee is now gone. He quit last Monday and left me seriously in the lurch.

Then this afternoon I recorded the bass line for "Die Alone". It's very punk......

Tonight, Project Catwalk. How seriously cool is that programme?... and how seriously annoying is Julian McDonald?

Er... this is a bit wrong

A piss-poor attempt at vote winning

Now get me if I'm wrong, and perhaps stab me in the eyes, but shouldn't free or cut price water, electricity or perhaps gas come before TV?... perhaps not ripping the poor off with those appalling Quantum cards?

Wii'ly goodness

Tonight I have fitted lights for longhairedhippy, and am now browsing LJ from my Wii...

Brown hair... not any more!

Brown (and grey)
Originally uploaded by ukwarwickdood. Yep... the photo you see at the side of this entry is my old hair colour. I'm now black haired again (see my flickr).

Leather trousers - hazards of wearing

Leather thigh
Originally uploaded by ukwarwickdood. Today has been a quirky day... this morning I decided to wear my leather jeans. I felt it was that sort of day... full of leathery goodness.

However... it's shown me two hazards of wearing them.

1: At the hotel
We went to a local hotel for Sunday dinner. A rather chavvy wedding party were in the same hotel wearing incredibly bad and ill fitting suits (obviously bought that week from Matalan), along with some bad meringue dresses and lots of bad body piercings (ask me about the young lad in the light coloured suit later... ).

A couple of men who were obviously a gay couple were also in the same hotel. The younger one of the two looked me up and down when I first entered. Hmm....

Anyhow, when we went back from the restaurant to the main bar area after the meal I waited in the corridor and he entered. His comment to me was (imagine the "gay accent")... "are they leather? do you mind?" and without me even being able t…

What's in my NEW bag...

What's in my NEW bag...
Originally uploaded by ukwarwickdood. I promised a log of what's in uberbag, the son of bag. Here it is... it's absolutely vast, and packed full of goodies - including an emergency rock star transformation kit (you never know when you'll have to put on those leather trousers and become an ego-king)....

Panto @ Wombwell

Bet, Clur, Hannah
Originally uploaded by ukwarwickdood. Tonight was the night of Hannah's panto (well - actually there's another performance tomorrow). Bez & Clur came over from Sheffield to see it too.

It was great - very professional (especially for a School panto) and of course, Hannah was fantastic as the Emperor of China.

When we came out, there was tons of white stuff all over the roads and people had suddenly forgotten how to drive, and how much space to leave between cars. d'oh!

Has today been idiot day?

The roads today seem to have been filled with inconsiderate drivers, inconsiderate companies, and just downright stupidity...

First - the company who decided (probably with permission of our wonderful Police/DOT) to take a wide load, down the M18 two lane section. It was two lanes wide. The wide load occupied the entire carriageway and went at about 40mph. I wasn't impressed... I'm quite appalled that this sort of thing goes on, still. Drivers were racing up slip roads and down the other side to try and get in front - there could have been quite nasty accidents at some of these. I have emailed South Yorkshire Police asking for an explanation as to why this is allowed to happen...

Second - Little Miss Tigra. You may have a Tigra, it may be a bit of a crap Vauxhall, and you may have very darling sweet children... but THE ZIG ZAGS ADJACENT TO A CROSSING ARE NOT THE PLACE TO DROP THEM... if only I'd been a little quicker with the camera phone. This happens a lot outside Rosehil…

Uber bag!

The realisation that I have grown from one bag of geekery, to two, has made me realise I need to upgrade from the "Bag" to "Uber Bag", the bloated, well padded, overgrown son of "Bag".

Uberbag was made in China, very much like Bag. Probably by someone paid a large amount less than me. Uberbag is a Swissgear computer backpack with more pockets than incredibly practical trousers have (you know the type I mean...).

Uberbag contains my life. I had better insure Uberbag against theft, really.

Uberbag contains:

1. My Fujitsu widescreen laptop (don't worry, it was only £349).
2. My Canon portable printer
3. Chargers for both the above
4. My Nintendo DS lite (and all it's games - in a case)
5. Charger for the above
6. My cheapo camera
7. A host of cables (USB, Micro USB, Network)
8. My filofax (yes... I AM that old fashioned and I still keep my diary on one of these things)
9. My geek knife
10. A few USB pen drives (64mb, 128mb, 4gb - must copy all these onto the 4gb …


Earlier issues are sorted. Bit of compromise, bit of an apology from someone for an email, and I'm happier now.

As for other stuff... whilst longhairedhippy  is posting dream details,

I was working in a house. It was quite creepy, very high (40ft+). I was installing a fire alarm in the house (it was an HMO).

I had been told I wasn't to do "something"? can't figure what.. I went into the loft - it was raining - and rain was REALLY pouring in down the side of the pitch of the roof and running down into the floor below... but when I told the occupier they didn't want to know about it and told me I shouldn't have been in the loft.

It was like they were hiding something, but I don't know what.

Strange? I still keep thinking about it.

Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion were supposed to be at the Boardwalk last night... however those of you who mix in CRS circles will know that they got stuck at customs and some members of the band were denied access to the UK. Thankfully a band called Breathing Space stood in at short notice and we ran the gig as a freebie.

Meanwhile, I got really pissed off with the hall this morning, went out and bought a pack of laminate flooring (£7.99! yay!) and fitted it. It looks 1000 times better than the nasty mucky green/grey carpet that was there before. Now I just have to fit the edging strip around when it's settled into place.

Also, Mile High on Sky One... er... is that the bloke off London's Burning and Grange Hill in it?

Finally... I found an OK cheap digital camera - Vivitar 3105s. 3.2 megapixel. Acceptable picture quality, flash is quite powerful (occasionally washes out close stuff) but fine for a second camera, or a happy-snaps thing. Hunt around and you'll get them below £20.

Here's looking at you Longhairedhippy...

We will be going to the New Barrack Tavern tomorrow... you fancy talking lights/fitting of...