Northerners. The poor relations.

I've seen it hundreds of times. Decisions made on where to site a major attraction... and I've seen how London always wins at the cost of all the other areas. The powers that be occasionally throw the North of England a bone to pacify us "simple northerners".

We got the Royal Armouries, we got the Earth Centre (what?! I hear you ask), we got Magna (Steel manufacture - er... in Steel City thankyouverymuch), we got the Museum of Music (you know, that thing that shut because it was rubbish).

Now, where am I going with this? - super casino. I reckon it's a forgone conclusion that it will go to Greenwich and the pacifying elements will be these lesser casinos - each of the losers will get one of these.

I personally can hardly wait... yawn. But I suppose it will confirm the North of England as the poor relation if it does go as I say above.