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Hmmmm... methinks there's been naughtyness.

Manchester gets the casino... but then all the stories about alleged holidays on certain Colorado ranches seem to have put the death knell on Greenwich.

Meanwhile, I'm finally pissed off with the Nokia N80. It's just too damn... flimsy... unreliable... and the photo quality, whilst OK, ain't stunning. I've gone back to the good old fashioned Nokia 9500 communicator brick. Ah it's good to be back.

Expect poor quality photos from now on.

Northerners. The poor relations.

I've seen it hundreds of times. Decisions made on where to site a major attraction... and I've seen how London always wins at the cost of all the other areas. The powers that be occasionally throw the North of England a bone to pacify us "simple northerners".

We got the Royal Armouries, we got the Earth Centre (what?! I hear you ask), we got Magna (Steel manufacture - er... in Steel City thankyouverymuch), we got the Museum of Music (you know, that thing that shut because it was rubbish).

Now, where am I going with this? - super casino. I reckon it's a forgone conclusion that it will go to Greenwich and the pacifying elements will be these lesser casinos - each of the losers will get one of these.

I personally can hardly wait... yawn. But I suppose it will confirm the North of England as the poor relation if it does go as I say above.

Please help me achieve world domination

Or at least please help me to earn loads of Nintendo Stars Points so I can spend them on loads of really cool games for the Wii.

If you really feel like helping me on this, please click this link and register as a Nintendo VIP. It doesn't take long, you don't have to actually use the account for anything - in fact you can close it if you want, but each time someone registers I can get 250 free stars on my account.

Thanks, in advance!

Joist hanger replaced

I've replaced a joist hanger under our living room floor.

Yay. No bouncy bouncy any more!

Wii silliness!

Video of me looking really stupid playing Warioware Smooth Moves.

Wii makes you dance like a pratt! on Vimeo