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The Tyketto Tour

*** FRIDAY - WOLVERHAMPTON WULFRUN HALL - attendance approx 800
Fekkin hell! that place was huge. Arrival at the venue saw us guided to OUR dressing room (complete with star on the door and Deadline sign). Awestruck was just one word that described it!.

Our gig went great! - sold a few EP's because the album STILL hadn't arrived. How crap.

Unfortunately, I had to stay sober because I had to drive up to Holyhead... we had to catch the 9am ferry to Dublin.

*** SATURDAY - BELFAST EMPIRE - attendance approx 450 (SOLD OUT)
Saturday Morning I grabbed some sleep on the van... had some serious sleep issues now and the constant snoring didn't help. We waited for customs to open and then drove inside and waited for boarding. Nice coffee for a ferry port. Toilets were manky though and the sight of all 5 in the tour party simultaneously heading for the traps was quite amusing if slightly bizarre.

Ferry crossing was rough. I chundered... twice... Oops...

Dublin to Belfast drive was the most t…