Only You....

Yes, "Only You"...

Not a comment about the flying picket's rather bizarre 80's cover, or the original early 80's item by Yazoo!, but the title of the new Deadline song.

Quick on the heels of "Stay", it's written and just needs the lyrics finishing now. It's a slower track, more like "Losing Myself" and sounds pretty epic in it's current form.

The album may change title again - "Mind the Step" may be put on the back burner and it may become "Paying attention? you are now". We record it late June/early July and a couple of weekends through July also (which means I may miss Tewkesbury :o( ) and then it gets mastered in August. TB have put it in their release schedule for October with the release party probably being 30th October at the Sheffield Corporation.

A few more things sorted themselves a bit more last night. H was really stressed on Tuesday and in need of big hugs, but some things happened and she's a lot happier.