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Thunderstorms ROCK!

Friday... well what an absolutely shite day it was for me... spent the day doing loads but not actually achieving much, so I decided to play RRT3... again... but after my lessons I went up to Altacoustics and had a lovely night... bwhaaa haa haaar

Saturday - had van to collect for hire in the morning, loaded van up with the PA and did a gig :o)

The HLC is really a shithole. The power supply is now shagged beyond belief - I had to share a phase with the lighting set-up which resulted in a lovely buzz all night due to the red phase being blown by the "Blood bus", whose careful and conciencious driver decided to start his engine whilst the power hook up was connected - thus sending a charge backwards through the trips and totally breaking them.

Two more stage blocks have been condemned... sometimes I ask why we bother, then I realise that gigs there are soooooo good.

Sunday - spent the day with Altacoustic doing lovely things, and then saw a new cd-player for my car, spent 20 minut…

Big scary rollercoasters.... and stuff

Yesterday's illness left me quite dehydrated - but I did thrive on the dextrose. Nasty tasting stuff but Asda's own brand orange squash makes it vaguely palatable... but only just.

Today I used nolimits and made a really scary roller coaster - a woodie (ray!) with a massive 450ft first drop... to say it was simulated it scared me shitless....

I also found a really cool comment today on a guest book about the song "Breakfast At Tiffanys"... I just had to take a photo of it cos it was soooo funny... will post it sometime if I can figure how to get my veo camera working properly again.

Word of the day: Reticulated



Feeling poorly, I decided to check my emails and found a really cool roller coaster simulator on the web! I promptly registered it and am now feeling better simulating some really neat woodie and steely coasters... even better still... I can build that amazing coaster I've always wanted to ride that no-one will build.

God I am such a saddo!

(expects 1000 replies to this, all in agreement)


OK... not dying, but poorly :-(

I started yesterday afternoon with an illness which can only be described as quite vile (and may indeed have been the cause of yesterday's spectacular poo). I know there has been a 24 hour bug going around, and I think it's got me.

I won't go into gory details, but I'm sure you can guess who bad it is by the fact that I've overlaid!

We were supposed to go to Birmingham last night to Rich Bich (our studio for the forthcoming album) but it was cancelled - K is also suffering quite badly from a totally unrelated illness...


Jacobites ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first guff cleared all the water out of the pan, blowing it into the drains and blasting two drain covers off, one of which was near the gas burner at Greasbro'. The methane was hit by a gentle so'westerly and swept up into the burner, spontaniously combusting the entire drainage network of Rotherham.

A scene resembling the one at the end of Poltergeist then followed, with flames billowing from all the stench pipes and manholes in Rotherham - and covers blew up under cars turning them over.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have now applied to the European Union for funding to replace all the drains... oh and I singed my bum hairs and cracked the pan.

Good arse :o)

However.... while I was sat in there, I was browsing t'internet (bluetooth I love thee very much, almost as much as my camera but not quite as much as I love Hannah) and found the rest of my outfit for the Hansel (and possibly for the following night out on 8th May??? who knows)


I was a complete pig this morning and decided that the bag of Jacobites on my desk should indeed disappear in their entirety - and so I promptly grompfed it.

Pizza flavoured... and very nice.

However, I now regret this decision since I have just botty belched garlic and pizza smells... hmmmmm.... might have to take some of those into the beer tent at Tewkesbury :o) should guarantee no queues at the bar.

I got my Mazda (hairdressers car) back today from the mending shop after some gonk on a moped decided to reshape the back end way back in January. His insurance company will love the bill - £900 - eek!

I'm now going for a poo - I'll tell you later if the toilet needs demolition or if Ajax will sort it.

In the styleee of an 8 year old...

This weekend I went to Herefordshire and I saw sheep and I saw a tractor and I bought a leather jacket and I saw otter poo and I saw badger poo and I went into Wales and I farted in Wales and I farted in England and I did a gig.


A handfasting! A handfasting!

I'd like to pass on the good news that Altacoustic and I will be handfasting for a year on Beltaine.

I'm sure Altacoustic will say more because I'm actually .... speechless! for a change

Another poll from me


What song is this?????

Bah de da daaaaaahhhh
dah de dahhhhhhhhhh
der der dah dah de daaaaaaaah
baaaah da da de daaaaaaaaaaahhhh

Dodge van with stripes down side
Daft character who wore welded, cut, made, built, worked on cars and wore beige trousers which NEVER EVER got mucky...
Bloaty cigar smoker with silver white hair.
Man who was an inexplicably bad actor.
Big black guy with loads of chains... "Hey sucker! you ain't getting me on no plane!"

oh and some bird in the early ones... who they got rid of because she spoilt the gay orgies in the back of the van........ hehehehe

Twisted??? Moi???

Sunday.... and Monday

Sunday was spent in Leicestershire (oo-arrrr) at Altacoustic's parents house and playing piano (I do have talents beyond bass and botty burps) - then spent the evening in Deadline combo... because we have a gig on Friday which we're not allowed to tell anything about... oops.. just did!

Monday morning didn't really happen for me - it was just a blur of bed and Carry on Girls on Sky. Then spent the afternoon with Altacoustic and random Nevs/Goths at the Dev Cat in a pub sit-in, where we drank and made merry... poor old merry.

JJ was there again in wind-up mode... as I said - rewengi - and it will be a dish made of foul school custard - and it will be very very cold :oD

Monday night was spent in the company of family/friends... but we hardly ever see them so it was my duty. Of course. I was bored... very bored.... very very bored... but at least the chips & mayo + onion rings in the Dev Cat were giving me some quite spectacularly odourous farts...

Bank Holidays...

I had a mega bank holiday.

Saturday Morning, met Altacoustic and X in Sheffield for dinner at blue moon... really nice even if their food does make me poo big. JJ and NH came in while we were there and JJ proceeded to try winding us both up with talk of weddings etc... Rewengi would be so sweet...

Went shopping and did what my real motive for being in Sheffield was - bought a camcorder! Wahay!!!!! a mega nice Panasonic jobbie (back to poo again)

Got home, cleaned myself up, and then went to do the get-in for Gordon Giltrap at the boardwalk and played tranny spotting (hmmmm.... woman with beard...)

Finally, finished the night off in the CRB and then the Corp on a stag do. The groom to be was very ill many times and produced some quite magnificent vom with dayglo colours... can't be good for him (parting with beer I mean)


Had to wait in for a bathroom being delivered... then finally got out of the house at dinner time after hitting the primula tube with a hammer to get the last drops out of it for my crackers.

The afternoon was very dull... did things which were boring - but I have got Railroad Tycoon III which ROCKS!

The Great Gas Poll

Full Moon... Half Moon... Total Ecwipse

3G rocks!!!

Just had my first "proper" video call and I can honestly say I'm impressed...

Apart from hardly being able to hear a thing H said on the phone (cos I was using the nasty inbuilt speaker which is very bassy, and the fact I'm in a noisy workplace) it was good.

H witnessed me eating a ginger nut in the same way as the old Jaffa Cakes advert (Full Moon... Half Moon... Total Exwipse) and then saw the inside of my gob, with said biscuit crumbs.

And on the 12th Day, that dude in the sky in whom I don't believe made 3G and it was good.

Only You....

Yes, "Only You"...

Not a comment about the flying picket's rather bizarre 80's cover, or the original early 80's item by Yazoo!, but the title of the new Deadline song.

Quick on the heels of "Stay", it's written and just needs the lyrics finishing now. It's a slower track, more like "Losing Myself" and sounds pretty epic in it's current form.

The album may change title again - "Mind the Step" may be put on the back burner and it may become "Paying attention? you are now". We record it late June/early July and a couple of weekends through July also (which means I may miss Tewkesbury :o( ) and then it gets mastered in August. TB have put it in their release schedule for October with the release party probably being 30th October at the Sheffield Corporation.

A few more things sorted themselves a bit more last night. H was really stressed on Tuesday and in need of big hugs, but some things happened and she's a lot h…

Precious Things....

I love precious things, me...

I now have a bag full of precious things - and found out my new laser keyboard has just been dispatched from the US... one more Precious :o) my precious :o)

Finally lost my rag with spam email and invested in McAfee because my PDA was taking ages to hotsync with all the spam clogging up the system. I hate spam.

Stanley fence sitting was cool last night - but jokes about huge ragged staves are neither big, nor clever and may result in a beating. Random flatulance was produced, and random pubbage (not pubage you dirty minded people) followed... along with chilli nuts (depends how cold it is outside).

Smugness abounds...

Friday was boring... I hate APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does the tax year have to end on April 5th? that means the last month of March is evil and vile.

Went to HLC Saturday and opened up the gig and built the stage. D from SS wants to be our live sound engineer because he really likes us. Took me aback and left me speechless - he's now going to engineer us and tour with us when we support Tyketto in November.

Went to CRB at half six and we DID A GIG!. Support band were OK, but the crowd were a bit lukewarm which was sad really because they are very good as a band. Then we went on and opened with the new song "Stay". The crowd went wild! literally... and Steeeeeeeev's vocals were on top form.

1hr of music later and we finished Losing Myself - it was loud enough to be a blimmin stadium and it really blew us away and left us speechless!... which for me is weird.

Felt guilty later because I gave Altacoustic the image that she was getting a lift back home when in fact t…


Bleary eyed...


Not enough sleep...

But at least the April Fool joke on the CRS website is getting well hit!


We rehearsed last night ready for the CRBar on Saturday. Hate 8 o'clock rehearsals because it's always really late when I get home.

The new song sounds awesome now and we're previewing it on Saturday. It's called either "Stay" or "I will stay"... will probably just get the name "Stay" for the full album cos we've not got any single word song names (well not that we still play anyway)

The new album is "Mind The Step" and we're currently in discussions about the imagery.

Spent the end of last night breaking in new leather jeans whilst I updated the CRS website with the joke - I hate leathers when they are new, they don't bend and you end up sitting there like your legs are wrapped in corrugated cardboard, especially if they are the thicker leather (the thin stuff is rubbish in jeans)