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Cor Blimey!!!

Listening to Radio 2 in the car and pi**ing myself laughing!!!!

It's on about farting :o) - - - men fart on average 25 times a day...

I do that AN HOUR!!!

The Weekend....

Ars Nova - what a band.... Siemy Di band - what a band... even if Siemy Di does take 25 minutes fiddling with the height of a tom... hmmm.

Had a PA training session before the gig, set the PA up - run it LOUD, sounding very nice now. Bint came along, as did Sweaty, Matt, some new lad, and Mouse.

The drum kit arrived VERY late (almost a quarter to six) and by the time everything was set up, mic'd and soundchecked it was twenty past seven - something I don't like. We put 7pm on the tickets... Whinge Over.

Bint came to the gig and brought Gnome along with her. Nice to see Gnome... they sat playing with Blueboard for ages and it really was quite sad... and I thought that!

Sunday - oops - did every clock in the house and forgot the alarm clock... woke up at 8:20 to take the van back by 8:30. Not good. Then had to get to rehearsal by 10.

Rehearsal was very good - a new song just happened and it's another epic like Losing Myself. Could be the last track on the new CD.

Other song is now…

Bint's amazing Numptyland adventure...

Went to Yorkshire bank and told them where to stick their mortgage, bank account and loan! - My new account has come through :o) Wahay!

Then collected my new pocket printer... is very cool and diddy.

Had my hair cut (again!)

Bint ventured into Numptyland again---and then took her to Merrills for some rockin flan. Merrills = blue rinse brigade tea shoppe, but their food is mega.

Finally ended the day showing her Frodo (mum's 11 wk old puppy) and then taking her to Pizza Hut.

I'm teaching tonight... ho hum.

oooooh I forgot

Bint gave me a cream egg last night! Wahay!

Went up to MH's last night for a bit of a Directors "get together" about future plans... he gave me a really cool "Classic Rock Society" pen which we are about to start selling - and then dropped out the good news that we have Carl Palmer, Flower Kings and others later this year... and that October is now solid, as is November.


Just got into work... installed AOL 9 on the PC down here - way cool!

We've sorted out our rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks again after the major disruption of the tours.

Steeeev looked sore last night bless him, but then it always does show on him when he's poorly. He was walking like he was smuggling a dildo :oD

I came up with a new riff last night and typed it into my PDA (bless Minimusic Notepad) - maybe something will come of that one. My all time classic was Losing Myself.

I wonder when AOL will get Sync working on the calendar because I hate the yahoo! band calendar... it's soooo Yahoo!

Whose the Daddy?

Just spoken with Kev and we're doing some more dates with Love Hate and The Mudmen in the summer... also found out Tony Marshall is the Tour Manager for Tyketto in November. That should be fun!

We've got a sound engineer now - the bloke who engineered us in the cavern loved us and gave us his card. He want's to tour with us in November as our FOH engineer. Cool eh?

He's going to be a Daddy just before the Tyketto tour so that should make for interesting conversations in the band...

That's 2 members of Deadline with ankle biters (even though Steve's are both old enough not to qualify as ankle biters).

Feeling better now...

Felt really poorly last night - I think I'm just run down - aftermath of tour and all that, plus that cold Danny Vaughn gave me hasn't helped.

Good news??? well I've been in possession of an endorsement from Gallien & Krueger for a while - however, in my eyes an endorsement is only an endorsement when you actually get something from it. I requested a full stack for the forthcoming Tyketto tour and they told me "sorry we can't fulfill that request", so I've broken the contract with them.

I'm now in negotiations with a BRITISH manufacturer who are over the moon to be asked to endorse the tour, and me! - as their manager told me - we'll stuff the septics!... lovely that PC is still important in this day and age :o)

Had a lovely long chat with bint last night and we caught up with a few things... it's Stanley practice tonight and I've got a bit of an announcment - I'm stopping bill fighting. I have to remove all external risks because... …

Livejournal... cool :o)

Found this cool thing called Livejournal (you must have found it too cos you're reading it!) which allows me to keep my diary where you can all see it!

I've therefore spent a couple of hours typing bits into it as and when I could.

Cool eh?

Back to the old grindstone now - a few weeks without gigs, but we're keeping the rehearsal schedule up now because we're writing stuff for the new album.

Mark Algar (Z Records) is interested in us now... cool eh? they're queueing up for us. We signed to TB though so 'fraid they're a bit late.

Had a meeting today and got a really cool pen with a light in it ! - but lost my palm pen stylus on the tour :o(

Back on the road!

We're back on the road again after a break while I went to witness Jump at the HLC.

Andy's driving today for a change!

Couldn't get a tourbus this time, so it's a good old fashioned Merc Benz sprinter van... and what a van! - no accelerator pedal - seriously - but at least it will touch 70 mph which is more than the tourbus did (we don't speed of course, honest, officer)

I've got a numb bum now from too much sitting on tour busses - but pity poor Kev, sat in the back in a plastic patio chair... nah, don't pity him he doesn't deserve it.

Thank god for Palm PDA's is all I can say.

"Where is the Cavern?"
"It's on a road near the docks"

OK... do they know how BIG the docks are?

Quick venture - via GPRS and Webpro on my Tungsten - onto the Cavern's Webshyte, and then onto Multimap which gave us a good map with a circle round the cavern club.

Unfortunately, we crashed into the circle when we drove into the cavern quarter because I had f…

HLC clear

For HLC staff... I have just walked out of the HLC and it isn't midnight yet.

Sarcasm? Moi????

At least they're not gonna sting the CRS for another 40 quid today.

I hate the HLC staff... they do nothing... they are surly... I've actually managed the entire gig today and NOT SEEN A BLOODY SOUL - we could have emptied the hall and no-one would have cared.

Seen Tyketto tickets today - Martin... BROWN??? you trying to tell me something??? They are POO COLOURED (but at least it's a good font on them).

Primed IV tickets came today too... they are a bit cooler!


It's Ostara ... I need an egg now!

I'm going to the Jump gig soon, but I'm going to see my brother first cos I ain't seen him since before the tour started.

Mum's puppy is getting well cute now - been biting my fingers all morning... 10 weeks old soon (awwwwwww)

Did I say he's called Frodo and he's got a ring round his neck???

Spoke to Han again - she's coming tonight - wahay! - a hug!!!!!!

Sold the van!

The DAF van is no more! - She has gone - what a bargain some bugger has got.

I bought a lemon and sold it on as a very sweet apple with a good sound system in it.


It's Jump tomorrow and I feel a gloat coming on... because after all Jump are the band that dissed us for being "a cure for earache" or a "cause of tinnitus"...

Biggest CRS gig ever???? well it gave Steve Hackett a run for his money.

Perhaps I won't - no I'll be nice and offer them my 32A system for loan since I know they are a bit crap with that sort of stuff...

Yeah that's what I'll do.

Bye bye tour bus

Time to take the tour bus back. Be sad to see it go - it's been comfy.

We're going to Leicester (where it lives) - Han has asked me to pass on her regards to the shitehole in which she was born (and she'll slap me if she reads this).

Romish forever!!!!!

Meeting Kev down there (mood??? your guess is as good as mine) and we'll probably be back about half ten or eleven cos I've got to take him home.

The Brecks

Just had a band "debrief" and it was good.

Everyone's happy... all gone well... tour broke even for us (almost - let's see how 'pool does on Sunday) and I've lost weight!

Kev gagged when he found out my weight... but he can't talk - I know he's hiding a beer gut somewhere under the baggy Liverpool t-shirt.

Did a quite spectacular poo today - complete with hazelnuts. Looked just like a topic bar only not quite so edible. Must be the pack of pistachios I downed last night.... the only food you borrow.

Spoke with Han today - properly - for a change... and shared the stories including the ballbag stretching stories and lava lamp fun!

I'm going to the brecks now (fully goth'd up too) - back to work tomorrow again.

St. Paddy... and it's green

Not my poo you gwendlin...

I had a pint of Guinness today even though I think we should celebrate St.Georges day too... not Paddy's day.

A superb gig - met a bloke with more bizarre hair colouring than me which has to be good. I farted and cleared a good 10 ft space around me, and half the tour party managed to get parking tickets.

Trillians is great, but the area it's in is a hole big style and the traffic warden needs a kick up the chuff.

Kev's driving us home... I'm in the back writing this in my diary... Steve's snoring and farting, and Andy's sat in the front crunching something... Kev's still in a good mood which is good.

Nukie... and it's brown.

Poo is brown again now - think "Dulux Conker"

No toilet seats in Trillians so it's the obligatory "V" of bog roll and perching on a cold steel crapper.

Had a real laugh on the way up here - - - things to do in the bath...

1. Stretch your nad-sack really big
2. Shine a torch through said nad-sack and make an impromptu lava lamp
3. Fill your mouth with bath water and spit it out, attempting to hit said nad sack
4. Fart and see how long you can keep the pocket of stench-gas in the small of your back.

I remembered my warfarin today.

Can't believe how nice Vaughn are on this tour... why were Firehouse such dicks to work with - lovely blokes... but kill the egos dudes and think about your support bands.

Martin phoned me today - we made a shit load on the Firehouse gig! The CRS is gonna make a profit this year! Wooohoooo!!!!


Newcastle later today... but I want sleep first.

I've got to drive home now through Stoke-on-Trent (and lose the band again - I love having a good sense of the UK road layout cos I can lose them all the time).

Gig was good - someone kept farting onstage and it wasn't me for a change. Crowd were warm to us - no Steely though - I think I know him... he's a short bloke, shaved head. He wore leather jeans and a Vaughn Fearless t-shirt at the Corp if that's who I think it is.

Right... this is Kris Hudson, camp Crewsty (no sideshow bob) signing off till the morning.

The three lamps

The pub is good... food is VERY good... and it's not far from the Limelight.

Apart from not having the merchandise on us so having to stop via Huddersfield to collect it (and me worrying the band with my in-depth knowledge of the street names of Huddersfield and them casting aspertions about me and sheep...)

Quarnby Road??? that'll be the long one from the bottom of the hill up t' top of t'hill... oo-arrrr lass

The over-helpful barmaid (nice arse though) recommended everything on the menu, and the band laughed when I ordered a pint of water. Have they seen my bank balance today??? I've got loads of cash... just in the wrong account at the wrong bank with no bank card.

Crewe though... seriously... it's like Mexborough only not so rough. We can't actually find anything to recommend living here apart from perhaps the Limelight Club which is very good.

Another good poo and at least the toilets in here have seats (sorry JB's - your bogs ming).

While I'm on abo…

Pro-Plus I love thee very much

I love Pro Plus and Red Bull...

In work - got to run the wages BACS so I get paid... and boy do I need it! Bank sent me a nasty letter because they decided with me getting mardy and moving my mortgage they would take the balance of my insurance out in one payment of over £250... right like I can pay that all at once.

We're in Crewe tonight and Kev is driving over there - I can kip till we get to Crewe itself because I'm the only one who knows where the Limelight is... well Andy and Steve have been but Memory, Long Term, Seive all fit in this case.

Did another big poo this morning by the way... I love touring - it's like the Battle of Bosworth field down there - well gory!

How long do they piss around for?

Bloody Firehouse are winding me up now! thank god they bugger off out of the country tomorrow. We have to pick up the tour gear for Vaughn and nobody wants to say what is what so we can't leave JB's until they decide what we're taking... do they know I'm in work tomorrow at 8am???? Baaaaaasssstttaaaaarrrrrddddsssss!

At least our tour bus is comfy even if it does smell of magic trees... can't find any so I assume they are stuffed in every available gap in the bus - a bit like that bit on Se7en where Brad Pitt goes into the room with the "dead" man who's had his hand cut off... is that a severed limb I see down behind the seats???

I wasn't built to get up at this time...

No I wasn't...

It's far too early. We had an amazing gig last night at the Classic Rock Bar, I got in at 2am, and the bloody people next door got me up hammering sodding tiles onto the roof of the new flats.

My head is banging and I'm bleary eyed!

A long day today again - we're picking up the tourbus for the Vaughn tour later from Leicester, and then driving on to JB's to pick up all the Marshall endorsement gear after they finish the tour with Firehouse.

Still knackered!!!

It's quarter to 11 and I'm STILL knackered.

I'm getting very sore now, must be because I forgot my warfarin this week. Oops!... my veins must look like a road map of London this morning with all the clogs and roadworks.

Warfarin popped... and back.

I can't believe I'm 30 and on RAT POISON!!!

Tour party last night was cool because a)Danny came and sat with us b)Had a chat with Hailey and she's really very nice and c)found out Tony Marshall is a prog-head!

Sat in the hotel at 2am drinking with Firehouse, Pride and Vaughn really is cool though.

We're at the CR bar tonight so probably no entries for a couple of days...

Don't rush out of bed...

Glasgow is cancelled... for us anyway.

I'm dubious... I think we were invited on this tour originally for ME. Director of CRS = Good gig in Sheffield = Local knowledge of hotels = less stress... (but not for me).

I reckon we won't play Dudley either... but as I told Steeev yonks ago, I always thought we would just do one gig - and it looks like I've been proven right.

It's not Kieron - he's stressed, but he's a big daft irish bugger at heart. I think it's Pride who are being mardy on this occasion. We bend over backwards to help the tour, they just turn up, lard on, and play...

All I can say is how the mighty fall... has nothing good to say about them but we've had some real appreciative stuff!

Tell me if I turn into an arrogant tosser

Oh my god... was that us?

I finally got in well after dark o'clock and realise how tired I am now.

Got up this morning and did a spectacular poo, and then had a good long soak in the jacuzzi before going shopping for some new strings and square batteries.

Rotherham looked nice - had a Greggs pacifier. All the colours seemed more lurid this morning, or was that come-down from last night?

Either way, it's nice to see how appreciated we were. Danny Vaughn is a real star, although I have my reservations about Firehouse. Their lack of thought with the length of soundchecks made me realise that it's all ME ME ME with some bands. Vaughn's was mega short, and all the time Danny was saying "we need to make sure these guys get a sound check".

Kev was in a good mood... for a change!

At last!

The first time I can write in my journal at last, and guess what - it was great. Steve's voice was excellent, and we all played well. Danny Vaughn stood at the side of the stage while we played Love's a Battle and the old drummer was welling up. I expected a flood....

Tony Marshall has surprised me - he was never a fan, but we've surprised him now.

It was nice to see Darren and Gnome come along with Hannah (beautiful smelling as always). I hope they can patch things up.

Roll on Tyketto tour in November!... or Thursday...

Doors... but no doors...

Astounded at the unprofessional thoughtless attitude of some bands.

Firehouse - 2 hours soundcheck, 10 minutes on the KICK DRUM. I say no more but they wonder why no bugger wants these gigs?.

Vaughn - 30 minutes soundcheck - great!

Pride - 10 minutes whinging about not being able to hear the guitars... and they still bore me.

Deadline - 0 minutes soundcheck. Yep we ain't getting one.

It's 5 past 7 and guess what... doors should have opened 5 minutes ago. Thankfully the Corp has a good pre-gig area and big bar.


The yanks are stressing me...

I've got Kieran on my back demanding 110 volt power supplies... and their soundcheck has just started LATE.

Stressed... me? Never!

Ah fub them, they're only septics!

Well this is it.... D Day

Finally after 6 months in the planning, the big tour has arrived! - Today Sheffield, Thursday Glasgow and Sunday JB's.

Just about to set off to the Corporation. I'm sure it'll be good.

The bash is done... Brian Wilson??? hmmm....

Done at the bash, it was cool as always and the food was dead nice. Had a great view of Kensington Palace from the hotel room window.

The train ride home was annoying - headache determined I sat in the quiet car, and was promptly joined by two annoying young women who obviously could not grasp the basic concept of the quiet car.

I asked them to shut up, and was met by an essex accent of "It's OK to talk though?"... what do you think? (deathly silence in the car except for the heavy rain on the windows... DOPES!

Am I too tetchy?

Brian Wilson was cool last night in Liverpool though. I hardly think "front row seats" constitute row R though. I'll have to complain about that cos they were £125 each.

I'm tired now.


We went and did the "meet & greet" with Firehouse and Vaughn. A little place in Nottingham tacked onto the back of Rock City but very cool nonetheless.

The security were knobs of the highest order... kicking everyone out at 11pm even though the room was supposed to be booked till 12 midnight.

I then went to Hard Rock cafe with the lads and spent 1 hour tired and bored, but it has to be done. The distant relative of a gibbon (who I'm sure swung the other way though I'm not sure...) decided at 1am that all people must leave the place, except those behing the "velvet rope". Mmmmm "a velvet rope". EVEN those with laminates on... I mean, what a dick.