Rainy Day

I have to say that rain outside sounds delightful.

A sad day, but a happy day.

So I did as promised and wore the suit. Everyone at the funeral was dressed brightly and there were quite a lot of people there.
David would have been proud and happy at being the centre of attention.

Funeral Today

So I'm currently sat in McDonalds having a quick coffee, before I go home and shower and suit up for the funeral of someone I went to school with. David Himan died a few weeks ago from metastasic prostate cancer. He had just turned 46 (same age as me).
I'll be in my brightest blue suit and brightest pink shirt for him. I just wish I could have got a rainbow tie at short notice, but alas I didn't think about it until today.

Locked in?

So something of a precedent happened today.
I visited my unit to pack some more stuff for my move, decided I needed a pee, and went to use the toilet.
However, my back door didn't open when I pulled it. Nothing.
This is my fire escape as well (shown as the purple door) but also is the only means of getting to a water supply.

Turns out the gympanzees upstairs have decided that because I'm not happy with their use of the building (in particular the way they keep leaving the stairwell) they would put brackets on my back door thus blocking my fire exit.

By allowing this to happen my landlord has defaulted on his health and safety requirements and I can now give immediate notice to quit with no prior warning, which I have given. It's actually worked in my favour to be honest as I can use it to get out of 4 weeks rent.
What they don't know, however, which I do know, is that in Mid November the fire officer visits the building for an inspection. I've had the letter because I ha…


You know all those years when you thought you had everything right, but something wasn't quite?
Well I've had that for a while with tech - I try and carry a bare minimum with me at all times. Often, I'll omit my wallet if I think Samsung Pay will cut the mustard, but there's always been a small anxiety there, especially when spending a night away from home.
That anxiety is my Galaxy Watch.
Whilst the device is fantastic (especially as a 4G version with it's always on capability meaning you can leave your phone behind for a short while - battery life is quite dismal on 4G!) charging it has always been a pain in the arse because it means carrying an extra cable and a dock.
Samsung, for some incredible reason which is only known to them, decided to make the dock Micro USB and not USB C. Plus the watch can't charge from any ordinary wireless Qi charger, even though it is Qi apparently the coil is too small for a regular charger so it has to have a close proximity one.

Happy Bi Visibility Day

Happy Bi-Visibility day to all my friends who don't consider themselves to be a binary gender.
Me. I'm down at the bottom right. Heteroflexible.

Yet More Giggery Pokery

Yesterday we gigged again. Another wedding.

Have I already mentioned I love playing at weddings?

This one was on a cricket field in Tickhill, in a marquee. That always means good things - a marquee has great sound because there are just no reflections to deal with.

So we arrived at 2pm (as I found later, this was far too early - we could have arrived at 3 and still been set up in time; but it wasn't a problem. The club itself was great and it was lovely sitting outside in the warm September sun as a last little breath of summer came and gave us a reminder it wasn't too far gone.

The marquee itself was about 60ft long, with a decent size stage and a 32A power supply laid to exactly the right place on stage - it looked absolutely lush!

Dennis arrived shortly after me, and we started to load in and set up straight away - and after getting the generator started (the keys were "missing" but it turned out they were in it all along!).

Jake was just post-operative so he didn&…