Professional Photos from Saturday

I've had a few professional photos come in from Saturday. I have to say, they are absolutely amazing! The Megapixel count is phenomenal (40+ I think!).

I wore black latex jeans and t-shirt, plus a waistcoat over (it was cold!).The shoes were patent leather.

Please note that these images are copyrighted. Used with permission.

My first ever latex event!

Whilst I've been to fetish events before (and, sorry, but I often find them a little too much of a meat market) last night I went to my first ever latex event.

Called "Shiny Happy People" and with a dress code of all outerwear must be latex it was an opportunity for me to give it a try.

Fully rubbered up in black jeans, t-shirt and waistcoat I headed down there at about 8 and met up with a friend who had got me the ticket.
Well the rules of most events are "what happens at the event stays at the event" but I can say that it was a very polite, very classy event. Everyone was in latex. There were very few displays of public behaviour, and it was essentially like being in the pub, except that everyone was in full rubber!
Now if the next event wasn't 4th of April I'd have bought my ticket last night, but sadly that's the Strangefish gig.
I'm awaiting photos of the event dropping onto fetlife now as there was a professional photographer there, but fo…

Ten years?!

It was ten years ago to the day since I bought a leather blazer and thus completed my three piece suit.
Ever since then I've always had one. Yes the one on the right has refreshed items (new trousers and waistcoat) but the blazer is still the same one.
I can't believe how much thinner I look these days!

A rough day.

Last night I was very ill.
It all started in the late afternoon when I started feeling somewhat gurgly and I started with quite bad diahorrhea.
Then at about 10pm I went to bed, laid down, and within 10 seconds the vomit urge happened.
For the next 4 hours I was talking to the porcelain telephone. Repeatedly.
However, as quickly as the feeling started, it stopped.
It's now the next morning and I just feel drained and beat up.

Of even more flooding.

You might remember me posting a bit a few weeks ago about how we had a deluge of rain and ended up flooded, but not in the extent that 2007 left us flooded.

Well on top of that we now had another deluge of rain yesterday which lasted all day and well into the early hours, and as a result I'm now stranded unable to work. I can't get to my unit...

This is the state of the entrance at the moment - that floating car is pretty much by the gates.

Locally we've had a few floods too. Aldwarke is flooded and closed (as usual), Swinton is closed, and Kilnhurst looks something like this.

The worst of the lot though is Parkgate. Retail world has flooded yet again and the roads to Rotherham are closed.

I don't know how this will pan out, but last time Parkgate was fairly swift getting up and running again.

A new blogger is coming?

After a little fear that Google might be getting ready to retire blogger (as can sometimes be their way) they seem to be giving it some love again.

We now have a much cleaner looking Android app and a couple of pages on the web client now look more mobile.

A little arty

I'm no Captain Kirt (see his blog) but occasionally I like to draw things.

Here's me in a leather suit.