And thus, the fishiness began.

After last night's IQ gig in Bury at The Met, which I have to say was stupendously good (even if they didn't play Out of Nowhere) and arriving home at half past midnight; I was awoken at 7:30am for a Strangefish rehearsal.

With lasers and songs from Ever buzzing in my mind (did I mention I love lasers) I headed to Bury again.

The rehearsal studio, Redwall, apparently was used by IQ on a number of occasions. The guy managing it told me that when he noticed my IQ hoodie.

I was first there, but I loaded in, set up, and then helped the rest of the guys load in.

Once we were all set up we commenced rehearsals and went through about 10 songs in total, some of them twice. We also caught a new photo to get us going with the forthcoming gigs.

I'm not going to divulge much more about the material we did, as I'd love you too see a gig sometime soon!

I can say, though, that Oceans Deep sounded great!

Looks delightful

You know when you see an off brand trying to look like a named brand and failing a little.I give you... My Favourite Chicken.Even the font has a familiar vibe.

Making notes for Strangefish

That section of the song truly is epic prog wanking. It's a fantastic catchy song with a great hook.

See me play my first gig with Strangefish on 5th May, The Robin 2, Bilston.

I did my back...

Whilst running SWA Cable yesterday I've pulled my back. That's in addition to cutting my hand on Monday.I'm not having a good week...

Strangefish progress report

It's nice to see the songs getting ticked off... Red indicates I've got a good working knowledge of them. Yellow and green will indicate as I get to know the intricacies more.

I'm definitely not ready to gig them yet though.

Code Milky Green!

My first cold comes at the very start of the year. It's only a mild one, but you know the ones when your nose feels hot and fizzy? Yeah it's that one.